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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Come Home with Bed Bugs

Before our little boy came, my hb and I loved to travel a lot even if it was not summer vacation. We could drive to New York in a spur of the moment when we felt like watching a Broadway show or to Canada when we wanted to take a breather from busy schedules. We stayed in different hotels from three stars to five stars. Everywhere we went we brought home different souvenirs but one thing we didn't like bringing home were bedbugs. Despite some hotels appearing to be spotless, bedbugs could be anywhere like under the bed or behind the furniture. I heard about how difficult it is to treat bedbugs and I know it costs thousands to get rid of them once your home get infested by it, not to mention the skin diseases you may get as well. So now that hb travels every three weeks as required by his new work, I won't allow bedbugs to get a chance to cling to his luggage and come home with him and infest our home.

I saw at these bed BugZip travel products that will help prevent bed bugs to attach to luggage while in hotels where bedbugs are commonly acquired from. BugZip Bed Bug Resistant Luggage and Clothing Encasement are designed to protect the luggage; clothing; and other personal belongings from bed bugs and critters as they are tightly zipped and durable and will prevent the bedbugs to cling to the luggage. BugZip come in different sizes and can safeguard large suitcases; carry-on luggage and garment bags from bed bugs. With the use of BugZip I can now have peace of mind that my hb won't bring home bedbugs from his trips. BugZip is definitely a great solution and safeguard to preventing bedbugs to come home with my hb's luggage and other belongings. Aside from BugZip Travel encasement, there are still other great bed bug products from North Shore Care that I'm also interested in like
mattress encasement, bed bug monitors, PackTite Bed Bug Heater and more.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Browsing Through Old Pictures

My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is a few days away. I had to divulge the 'secret' plan to them since I was caught calling up some immediate relatives on the phone. They didn't want to have any big celebration at all, they wanted to be as practical as can be. But since this is a great milestone and not a lot of couples are fortunate enough to reach this far, my siblings and I wanted to have something memorable for our parents.

We're going to have a very small celebration with very close relatives and friends on the invite list, to respect my parents' wishes. My siblings and I contributed to make this happen and I'm very excited that all three of us are here to celebrate with our parents. It's very seldom that my brother and I can take time off and fly here at the same time.

Right now I'm very busy prepping our house for the occasion. I felt nostalgic seeing through the albums of our childhood while looking for my parents' old pictures. I even saw some of the pictures of our orlando vacations with my hb, that I've been looking for in a while. I thought I brought everything with me to the states. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing our friends and relatives this weekend. I don't know how long ago I've seen them last. And this will be their first time to see my little boy.

New Bathroom Fixtures

Every time I come back to my hometown to visit my parents, I find a lot of things that need to be repaired or replaced in my house. Like I had to replace the toilet bowl and sink in one bathroom and the Delta faucet in the master bathroom. They just have gone too hideous to keep. The deep-well water in the village causes permanent stain on the ceramics and faucet fixtures and nothing seems to work to remove them, even the most powerful bathroom cleaner I've seen in the store. Now everything is looking great and presentable again.

What Salt Can Do To Your Health

I have been eating home-cooked meals since I arrived here in the Philippines. Though I'm pigging out a lot, I'm also sharing in my dad's low-sodium food, so I guess it's not too bad. I thought it would not be fun to eat somewhat tasteless food, but it just a matter of getting used to the taste.

I read that salt can be damaging to our health and has been linked to many illnesses, including cancer, asthma, Alzheimer's, PMS, stroke, and cardiovascular disease to name a few. So if you want to be healthy, you should cut down on salt intake. Salt is very dehydrating to our bodies. When excess salt enters our bloodstream, the body is forced to store it between cells until our kidneys can deal with it. While it is there it causes a burning effect on the tissue. The tissue cells protect itself by releasing water to dilute the salt. When cells lose water they lose elasticity and shrink. This causes an imbalance as a result of the low of potassium. Having low potassium results in more salt penetrating the cell walls and when sodium levels rise, waters enters to dilute it. This causes the cell to become swollen and this continuous disruption to the cell's fluid balance in time calcifies and destroys the muscles, valves and arteries of the entire coronary system.

Completely cut out table/sea salt if you want to be healthy and lose weight. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and greens and this will help you completely eradicate salty cravings and also help you enjoy the finer things in life - fresh whole ripe natural foods.

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