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Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Your Homework Before Trying Diet Pills

Are you desperate to lose weight like I do? Well maybe you are but please don't try just about any diet pills that you think would work without doing your homework first. With so many diet pills out there that promise instant result, the more that we should be wary about trying them. Like I read a review about this phosphacore that claims that you could lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks. Wow, it's too good to be true but is it healthy and safe? For one, the review says that the ingredients do not really contain rare African herbs just like what it is claiming, so for this reason alone of false advertisement, I wouldn't dare try it would you?

Weight Loss Program

If only I could drag my hb into working out with me, I would. We used to work out together before our son came, but now he doesn't work out at all. At least I could still work out when the little guy is in school. My hb's travel requirement for work prevents him from going with me to the gym. I wish I could get the best weight loss program or workout routine that we could do together at home, just so my hb would get the hang of working out again.

My Puffy Eyes

My puffy eyes have always been my problem. I wish I could get the best eye cream to get rid of this problem. I know I should be going to bed early and get at least 7 hours of sleep to at least lessen my eye bags, but I can only do my online work peacefully at night. Well I can't possibly concentrate and do work online continuously while my little son is awake and distracting me every chance he gets. So being a night person and sleeping so late or should I say early in the morning, make my eye puffiness even worse.

Back to the Gym

I can't wait to get back to the gym again for some fat burner exercise. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to swing by. I really need to burn some fats I stored while pigging out in New York. After getting back from this short trip, all I did was to catch up on chores that I left behind before the trip. And now I've got a luggage full of dirty laundry that added up to the loads of chores. Finish or not, the gym will be the first in my to-do-list for tomorrow.

Hubby's Adventurous Palate

I'm lucky to be married to a guy who has very adventurous palate. He will try to eat just about anything so I don't have any problem thinking about what to cook for him. He also eats and is willing to try different Filipino dishes except for few exotic ones like balut (egg with aborted chick) and dried fish and any liver dish. He used to weigh just right for his physique because he only ate one big meal throughout the day and had coffee or light snack in between. But when we got married he started eating three full meals a day so he easily put on some weight. I know it will take the most effective diet pill to help him lose the excess weight he gained considering that he doesn't have time to go to the gym to workout. He blames me for cooking a lot, but he just couldn't resist Filipino food.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacation Means Pigging Out

We celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary with an out-of-town trip to New York. I would say it was a very relaxing break and my family and I got a chance to bond together. But the downside of this vacation was the pigging out. Unlike at home where I control my food intake by eating small portions only, in New York we were in restaurants every chance we got. I feel that I wasted the three-times-a-day workout I've had in the past weeks. In only a matter of three days in New York, I must have gained several pounds already. I feel that I should be taking belly fat burner pills to get into my weight before the vacation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video Games Frenzy

There was a time last year when I got so hooked up in playing xbox and wii games. Whenever my son was already in bed and all my chores were done, instead of watching tv to relax I would stay up playing Indiana Jones or Feeding Frenzy and other arcade games on xbox. But when the holidays were over and everything got back to normal, I was able to cut my video games frenzy before it got out of hand. But just out of curiosity I'm looking at the latest ps3 online just to check it out. I guess two video game consoles are enough for now, lol.

In the Study Room

Hb is planning to get rid of the old tv in the study room to give way to a new LCD TV. He spends most of the day there working from home and he wants a bigger and better tv set to watch his favorite shows while taking breaks. It looks like he's also planning of staying in the study room for good, lol. Oh but he needs to take coffee and bathroom breaks in between so he has to come out too.