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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Morning Blues

When I took my son to school today, he was unusually clingy. He didn't want to walk from the car to his classroom. It was very chilly this morning so I thought that maybe he was just cold and wanted to be held. But when we got to the classroom, he asked me if I could stay with him too. Though the classroom desks were filled with interesting things about their Farm Theme, my son was just ignoring them. But I know there's one thing that he couldn't resist, the sand table. So I took him to the sand table and played with him for a minute or two. And when I saw that he was having fun already, I kissed him goodbye and he let me go without a problem. Well even pre-schoolers can have first-day-of-school morning blues too, but the sand table saved the day.

Help in Emergency Situations

Two years ago my father had a stroke while doing his daily morning walk. It's a blessing that some neighbors noticed him clasping his chest in pain and rushed him to a hospital. If not for the quick thinking of these neighbors, he would have suffered enormous damage to his brain. It's a good thing that he didn't suffer much and after only few therapy sessions you couldn't tell anymore that he had a stroke. My mother is doing a great job of monitoring my father's diet too. He had a total turn around from eating too fatty and too salty to low sodium and healthy dishes. But I still worry about not being around my parents at their old age. In emergency situations, I wish that a Lifeline AED would always come handy so my parents would still have protection even if my siblings and I are not around to help.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Feel Light

Believe it or not, despite pigging out in my recent vacation in the Philippines, I didn't gain any weight at all. In fact when I weighed today, I was only 125 lbs! I was lighter than when I left, wow! Probably because I moved a lot and sweat a lot while on vacation. It was really hot when we arrived, and there were a lot of things I needed to accomplish, so I was on the go most of the times. Here in US even if I workout in the gym, I don't sweat as much as I did in the Philippines. I feel very light as if I finally used some weight loss pills that work. I wish I could maintain this weight though. The thing is it's very cold here again and cold makes me lazy to move again, lol.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to Reality

As soon as I arrived from my two-month vacation, the first thing I did was to clean the fridge. I threw a lot of left-over food that have gone moldy, and I took out and washed all the shelves and drawers. Then I cleaned the kitchen counters and kitchen sink really well and also vacuumed and spot-cleaned the kitchen floors. I just couldn't function properly with a dirty kitchen, I really had to clean it before I retire from that 27 exhausting hours flight back home, call me OC but I guess I'm proud to say that I am, lol. We all went to bed at past 2am, I woke up at 11am while I let my two boys to get as much sleep as they can. I'm already missing my Nanay (mom) who always made life so easy for me. I practically lived like a single woman while on vacation. My Nanay was always there to take care of my son while I do my errands out. I practically did nothing while I was with Nanay, she took care of everything. Now that I'm back to reality, there's nobody to turn to but me.

In a Shopping Mood

It's good to be back home again, though I'm not thrilled at the chores waiting for me to get done. Just imagine how it is to come back to a house that has not been cleaned for two months. I haven't stopped cleaning since Wednesday night, I only grabbed a few winks here and there, then went back to my date with the vacuum cleaner and duster again. Anyway, I look forward to unpacking a luggage-full of native Christmas decors that I bought in Manila. They are export over-runs so I got them at very cheap price tag. So part of my holiday to-do-list has been taken care of, all I need to do is list down the holiday gifts that I need to get for loved ones and friends. Every year I planned to get gifts in advance to avoid the crowds in shopping malls, but unfortunately that seldom happens, so I hope this year I can really shop in advance. After all I'm still in a shopping mood since coming back from our vacation.