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Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Blog Is Finally Working Again!

Because of my online course, I haven't been regularly updating nor visiting my blogs. But about a month ago when I had a chance to visit this blog, I noticed it was acting weirdly. Every time I tried to access this blog it always redirected me to an unknown website. I was ready to just delete this blog but when I tried to open it two days ago, I was surprised to see that it's working again! Now I have more time to write posts here. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shopping for Summer

Unlike last year when we spent summer in UK and Italy, this year was great just the same as we explored the outdoors and camped in the Cape.  It was our first time to camp with our little boy so the experience was really unforgettable.  The excitement in my little boy's eyes was priceless.  We planned to do this every summer now and we will explore other New England states too.  But we might need another tent next time so I'm looking at Big Agnes King Solomon tent and accessories online.  It's not too early to plan for summer vacation at this time, maybe I could enjoy some Christmas deal too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Deal Online

Have you finished doing your Christmas shopping yet? It's only five more days before Christmas and my shopping list is still full, I should be panicking already!  But I wish I could do something about it, but finishing my online course is far more important than shopping right now. But it's good that I was able to do some online shopping at least for my two boys and few of my friends.  There are tons of good deal online that I was able to use too like the  2012 american eagle coupons.  First thing I look for when I shop online is free shipping deal and big discounts off the total purchase.   So even if I couldn't find the time to go to the mall, I was not missing on any sale or deal at all.  There are tons of great deal on shopping online.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hey It's New England Weather

Honestly, I feel like Autumn never came. Most of the time it was raining so the foliage never really changed color that much, and now all of a sudden we're experiencing winter-like weather. Yes its weird but it's been snowing like crazy in my neck of the woods. It's funny how New England weather changes abruptly. Early this morning it was very sunny but chilly and windy. By early noon it became cloudy but still windy and then it rained unceasingly. And then the temperature dropped and the rain turned into wet snow late in the night. Well I've lived here long enough to get used to this kind of weather changes. I'm just glad I have heated blanket to keep me cozy during the night.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Safety Over Money

On my last trip to my dealer for my car's regular oil change, I also asked them to look at my tire that was slowly leaking. I hated pumping air like every two days. I also asked that they check my emergency break as it was not working properly anymore. There was one time that I drove a good distance with my emergency break still on. I didn't feel any dragging at all so that break was really useless! After waiting for two hours and seeing too many cars come and go on automobile lifts, I decided to just ask for a service car that I could use to get me home and relax. It was a good call as it took them three more hours to get everything done. They changed the break shoe and plugged the nail hole on the tire and also suggested to replace the four wheels in time for winter. It's so expensive to maintain a car, no kidding. But it doesn't matter really, safety is always important.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tour Guide

I have some friends who wish to come over to visit for longer period of time as in for several months. Though they are welcome to stay in my place, they opted to just stay in one of those houses for rent because they didn't want to get in the way of our busy schedule, which is really very nice of them. Also the idea of just renting a house instead of staying in costly hotels is really brilliant. The money they could save on hotels they could use for tours and sight-seeing. Though they're not staying with me, I will be their tour guide of the city.

Loves to Drive

One of my son's wishes is to have a real ATV that he could actually drive. Though he's into Lego nowadays, he hasn't really outgrown his love for toy cars, trains, monster trucks and atv's. Even if some of his ATV Tires came off already from too much playing, his creative imagination still make them work. Though I've seen small kids drive their own ATV's, I still feel that my son is still too little to have his own. I'd wait till he's big enough to ride his bike without the training wheels, then maybe I'd agree for him to have one.

Happy for a Friend

When I heard that a friend had lung cancer I was so shocked. I couldn't believe that for a person who is so health conscious and never smoked, she would be the one to get this dreadful big C. I know there's nothing I could probably say at that time that would make her feel better but I opted to send get well present overnight and it made a difference. That present took her mind off the big problem even only for a moment. I recently learned that after several sessions of chemo and radiation she's now on remission which was a great news. Now she's back to normal and I'm happy for her.