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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Late Night Habits

I've been staying up late the past nights doing holiday preparation rush. Well, actually even if there are no upcoming holidays, I'm always up late anyway. I'm a night person, I function well at night. I can finish lots in my to-do-list at night while my little one and hb are in bed snoozing away and the house is very quiet. But though I get a lot of things done when I stay up late, it's not without a downside. Not only don't I get enough quality sleep at night, I'm also doing my skin a lot of disservice so to speak. I get dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes I now use wrinkle cream to help contain the problem. I don't like to get skin problems like this but I also can't promise to change my late night habits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Time for Browsing

I am in a rush to complete my Christmas shopping. I normally do it while my little one is in school. So to maximize my time, my strategy is to get in the store, look for what I want on the list, pay and go. I don't have time to browse through the aisles and look for whatever is on sale that I may need, well that is if I can help it. When I fall for the 'browsing' thingy, I would waste at least a couple of hours. The other day I spent a long while in the Women's Hats section trying on different winter hats. My head is kinda big so the hats that I really liked wouldn't fit me at all. They seemed to be for kids when they're in fact for adults. I should make do with the hats that I already have, I might look for a new hat when I'm done with the other priorities in my shopping list.

Operation Picture Wall

I have so many projects to do at home. Aside from decking the halls with Christmas decors, I also have picture frames to hang and scrapbook projects to get done. I will now remove all the frames displayed in the living room and around the house and put them in identical frames and hang on the wall by the stairs. It's kinda awkward to hammer nails on the wall while standing on uneven stairs. I actually got almost hit by a nail that jump out of my fingers while trying to hammer it in. So now I use protective glasses to protect my eyes from getting hurt just in case similar incident happens again. As of now I already put 6 frames on the wall, and I love looking at them, admiring all the memories and the art of collage pictures on the wall. I call my project, Picture Wall. I got several positive compliments from friends who have seen them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

If Only I Could Share My Hair

I didn't know there is a shampoo for thinning hair, I should recommend this to my cousin. My cousin got bald when he was in his early 30's. He took after his mom's side of the family. His dad who is the brother of my mom has really thick hair, and among four kids he's the only one who suffered from early baldness. Thank God my siblings and I don't have the same problem. If anything, my problem is my thick hair. I always need to have my hair layered when I get a hair cut to make it more manageable. I wish I could give some hair to my cousin, literally.

Wake Up Call

I badly need diet pills that actually work right now. I am at myheaviest weight ever, I can't believe I would be weight as much as 140 lbs! I'm always very skinny especially my arms and legs. For my 5'4" height, my ideal weight is only 120 lbs. For the longest time, my weight had been stuck at 128 lbs. which is not bad at all, till we went to so many places for our summer vacation including England and Italy. Before the vacation, I even managed to religiously attend Zumba at the gym on top of working out at least twice a week. But after the vacation, everything has been neglected. No more Zumba, no more workout and too much eating of sweets. So from 128 lbs, I shoot up to 140 lbs. Last night when we went out to dinner with friends for a going-away dinner of one friend, the pictures taken of me became a wake-up call. I looked so big and fat. I need to control my food intake and get back to the gym or else I won't stop growing big.

Clean Face Before Anything Else

I normally stay late at night because it's the only time when I can sit and browse through my computer. It's also the time when I can do some chores, catch up with some home projects and more. So sometimes I would neglect my nighttime regimen of cleaning my face, so now I feel like I have rough skin like pimples are threatening to break out. I need best natural acne treatment to get rid of all my skin's impurities and acne breakouts or maybe I should just be prompt in cleaning my face before I get drowned in my night time schedules