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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Indoor Air Fresh

The weather is getting cooler again and it means our windows will remain shut for most days. I hate to not have fresh air circulate inside the house but I wouldn't like to get frozen by chilly air as well. So what I do is to make sure I replace our HAVC filters as often as necessary to keep air pollutants at bay. My hb is prone to allergies so I use HAVC filters that are effective in reducing pollen, dust, pet dander, and other fibers from our indoor air.

Fish Pond in the Backyard

We had lunch with my parents at Dencio's Grill in Tagaytay yesterday. That was our second time to dine there, the first time was two years ago. It was not only a great place to eat but it has a nice view of the famous Taal Volcano at the background as well. But since it has been raining the past days, it was colder in Tagaytay and a bit foggy so we didn't get a good look of the volcano. So my son contented himself to watching the gold fish at the other side of the resto instead. When it was time to leave, my son was still fascinated with the fish and wouldn't like to go with us. As young as my son is, he is already asking for a pet fish. I guess fish is a better alternative to having another dog to train. Another pet dog can wait when my son is old enough to care for one. My hb and I are now thinking of building fish ponds in our backyard to grant the wishes of our son. Hopefully we'll get pond pumps and other supplies in the pond supplies soon.

Few Vanities

It's been ages since I had my last facial treatment. I used to do a lot of facial regimen and must have tried the best wrinkle creams there are while I was here. But when I moved to US things changed. Facial treatment was one of the few vanities that I had and it felt wonderful to have it again a few days ago. It is quite expensive in US so I seldom do it. So to take advantage of the cheap price here, I might get another treatment before we leave for US.

Food Here Is Much Better

Since I arrived here in the Philippines for my two-month vacay, we've been treated to lunches and dinners by our good friends and some new friends. When Filipinos get together, it's always with sumptuous food involved. Here are the few restos that I remember going to - Recipes; Banana Leaf; Haiku; Persian Resto; Dencio's Grill; Mushroom Burger; Aussie Resto; Gerry's Grill; Almon Marina; Friday's; Tony Roma's; Italiani's; and a lot more. My hb has been complaining that since he's back to a three-meal-a-day routine again, his waistline is getting bigger again. Unlike when I left for this vacay ahead of him, he sort of regulated his food intake and only ate one full meal a day and few small snacks. When you're married to a Filipina you should expect to eat a lot,lol. Well, hb confessed that the food in restos here are far better than in US, and there are a lot of choices too. And I of course agreed to that big time!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vacation With Friends

My good friend with her whole family are thinking about visiting US again early next year to make use of their visas before they expire. They are going to visit their relatives in Chicago. My hb thought that we might join them in Chicago since we haven't really seen the best places of the state. When we went to Indiana two years ago we only made a side trip to Chicago and stayed there overnight. Not only would it be fun to visit the place again, but it would be even more fun to stroll with our good friends. We have another good friend in North Carolina and they might visit them too. So it would be a great idea that they take Gatlinburg vacations as well so they can cover a lot of places. But we won't join them in North Carolina and Gatlinburg anymore since we were only there few summers ago.