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Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Laptops

My hubby changes work laptop every two years and the current one he is using is mac notebook. It is a first for him to ever use a mac. It was quite impressive, very sleek and with wide screen, though I'm not sure how much macbook memory it contains. The laptop I am using right now is also pretty new, I got this as a birthday present last year. I'm not sure if I will trade this though with a mac, lol. My hubby had my laptop personalized with my name and phone number too, and the color is bright red which I like very much. Anyway, I wonder what he would give me for my next birthday. All I know is he has to top the one from last year, lol.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Appetite Suppressant

Most of the times it is hard to not eat a lot especially when you have deprived yourself from eating due to dieting. While browsing online I saw this site on nuphedragen reviews about a pill that suppress appetite. The testimonials of the people who actually used the pills are very interesting. The pills suppressed their desire to eat because they had this feeling of fullness and they lost weight in just few days of using the pills. A friend of mine could make use of this appetite suppressant pills. She pigs out a lot especially when she's stressed and I can't believe with her small frame how she's able to shove everything in, lol.

Acne Cream on Hand

From time to time I still get breakouts on my chin especially during my period. So I make sure I have a little bottle of acne cream on hand for when I need it. I have an oily skin too which makes me prone to pimples so I should be religiously cleaning my face. But there are times when I feel so lazy to clean my face before going to bed mostly during cold weather. And since I stay up late at night, I would rather crash to bed after a long day rather than washing up and do some facial rituals.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Need a New Purse

Ever since I had my son, my normal accessory is a tote bag that carries all my stuff and my son's necessities all together. That's the very practical and convenient way for me, though I miss carrying a purse sans kiddie stuff. I'm looking into buying a new purse, and I'm kinda feeling the style of a rebecca minkoff purse. It wouldn't hurt to get a new purse on Mother's Day. I should probably start hinting my wish list to hubby, lol.

Friday, April 16, 2010

If Only I Was Younger

I attended law school while I was already working in the bank. It was tough to balance school and work at that time especially when I got promoted and had to move to a another branch. So I just finished two semesters of law and wasn't able to continue anymore. It was just easy to get into law school back then, all I had to show was a proof that I finished a four-year degree. So I didn't have to do lsat prep and actually take lsat unlike in US. If I only I was a lot younger, I would still love to finish law school. But since I wasn't I would just contend myself to watching crime shows.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Even if I don't work at the moment I still update my resumes online just in case I get the chance to work again in the future. I miss the corporate world but at this time, I've got the most demanding and challenging job of all - motherhood. Being a mom is a 24/7 job without any monetary remuneration, but a ton of love and affection from my little guy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Deal of the Day

Towards the end of any season, you can expect most stores to offer lots of sale items and great deals. So that is when I normally shop for children's clothes and toys or household items. Last week I went shopping and found very inexpensive bedspread and comforter sets which were not only half priced but also with additional 15% off at check-out. I would say that was one great deal of the day.