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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Influences

I'm not a born cook, I didn't even learn how to cook till I got married. So why on earth did I create a food blog you might ask? Well, nothing is impossible to people who put their hearts into anything. I was a wreck in the kitchen the first time I tried to seriously cook. My first Pancit dish (Noodle with Sauteed Vegetables) was overcooked with soggy noodles without my husband noticing it. He probably thought that's how Pancit was supposed to look like, lol. He loved it anyway so I just shut up my mouth and didn't crack anymore. I wonder if he was just being nice to me, lol.

Six years later, with so much telephone bills ran up calling my mom for tips and procedures; too many cookbooks bought and episodes of Food TV Network watched and online recipes printed; and of course a lot of
determination and enthusiasm to learn; I would say that I'm now an official cook in the kitchen.

In my opinion cooking is an art and a never ending quest for perfection. One simple dish may be turned into an exquisite entree. I love to try dishes I see on my favorite food shows. I put my own twist and make them my own. I love to entertain and make my friends guinea pigs of the recipes I tried.

I hope to entertain you with the food that I will serve on My Kitchen Table, make yourself at home.

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