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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Late Night Habits

I've been staying up late the past nights doing holiday preparation rush. Well, actually even if there are no upcoming holidays, I'm always up late anyway. I'm a night person, I function well at night. I can finish lots in my to-do-list at night while my little one and hb are in bed snoozing away and the house is very quiet. But though I get a lot of things done when I stay up late, it's not without a downside. Not only don't I get enough quality sleep at night, I'm also doing my skin a lot of disservice so to speak. I get dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes I now use wrinkle cream to help contain the problem. I don't like to get skin problems like this but I also can't promise to change my late night habits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Time for Browsing

I am in a rush to complete my Christmas shopping. I normally do it while my little one is in school. So to maximize my time, my strategy is to get in the store, look for what I want on the list, pay and go. I don't have time to browse through the aisles and look for whatever is on sale that I may need, well that is if I can help it. When I fall for the 'browsing' thingy, I would waste at least a couple of hours. The other day I spent a long while in the Women's Hats section trying on different winter hats. My head is kinda big so the hats that I really liked wouldn't fit me at all. They seemed to be for kids when they're in fact for adults. I should make do with the hats that I already have, I might look for a new hat when I'm done with the other priorities in my shopping list.

Operation Picture Wall

I have so many projects to do at home. Aside from decking the halls with Christmas decors, I also have picture frames to hang and scrapbook projects to get done. I will now remove all the frames displayed in the living room and around the house and put them in identical frames and hang on the wall by the stairs. It's kinda awkward to hammer nails on the wall while standing on uneven stairs. I actually got almost hit by a nail that jump out of my fingers while trying to hammer it in. So now I use protective glasses to protect my eyes from getting hurt just in case similar incident happens again. As of now I already put 6 frames on the wall, and I love looking at them, admiring all the memories and the art of collage pictures on the wall. I call my project, Picture Wall. I got several positive compliments from friends who have seen them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

If Only I Could Share My Hair

I didn't know there is a shampoo for thinning hair, I should recommend this to my cousin. My cousin got bald when he was in his early 30's. He took after his mom's side of the family. His dad who is the brother of my mom has really thick hair, and among four kids he's the only one who suffered from early baldness. Thank God my siblings and I don't have the same problem. If anything, my problem is my thick hair. I always need to have my hair layered when I get a hair cut to make it more manageable. I wish I could give some hair to my cousin, literally.

Wake Up Call

I badly need diet pills that actually work right now. I am at myheaviest weight ever, I can't believe I would be weight as much as 140 lbs! I'm always very skinny especially my arms and legs. For my 5'4" height, my ideal weight is only 120 lbs. For the longest time, my weight had been stuck at 128 lbs. which is not bad at all, till we went to so many places for our summer vacation including England and Italy. Before the vacation, I even managed to religiously attend Zumba at the gym on top of working out at least twice a week. But after the vacation, everything has been neglected. No more Zumba, no more workout and too much eating of sweets. So from 128 lbs, I shoot up to 140 lbs. Last night when we went out to dinner with friends for a going-away dinner of one friend, the pictures taken of me became a wake-up call. I looked so big and fat. I need to control my food intake and get back to the gym or else I won't stop growing big.

Clean Face Before Anything Else

I normally stay late at night because it's the only time when I can sit and browse through my computer. It's also the time when I can do some chores, catch up with some home projects and more. So sometimes I would neglect my nighttime regimen of cleaning my face, so now I feel like I have rough skin like pimples are threatening to break out. I need best natural acne treatment to get rid of all my skin's impurities and acne breakouts or maybe I should just be prompt in cleaning my face before I get drowned in my night time schedules

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday or Not

Is everybody ready for Black Friday? I haven't really tried going to any Black Friday sale because I always go for a more convenient route of shopping via the internet. But on Friday I'm tempted to go to the mall since I'll be out as early as 3am. I am driving my girlfriend to the airport around that time so I might as well take the opportunity while I'm up and out. I will make a list of what I want to buy so it is much easier to look for them rather than just go with the flow. I'm expecting the mall to be crowded with holiday shoppers so I'm not even sure if I can handle it. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Love Kitchen Gadgets

I'm a sucker for anything about kitchen. Whenever I go to a store for something else, I would also come home with a kitchen item or two all the time. I always go for great kitchen utensils. I love to try the latest gadgets and small kitchen appliances that will make life easier in the kitchen. The latest appliance I've got which is actually an early Christmas present is a griddler or panini maker. I grill veggies and fish in it and also made chicken quesadilla. It's very convenient to use and very easy to clean too. I planned to lose weight and eating healthy grilled fish, veggies and chicken is the start. I can't wait to see how much I weigh in a week or two.

Best Invention Ever

To say that I love my ipod is an understatement. I think it is the most clever invention ever and to think that I was hesitant to own one! When ipods first came out I thought it would just be a waste of money to buy one since whatever features they might have could be acquired from my laptop anyway, except that ipods are more convenient to carry around. But a year ago when I had the privilege of owning an ipod, I asked myself why didn't I get it sooner. I have several audiobooks of some of my fave authors in my ipod, and tons of songs of my fave Barbra Streisand. So wherever I go I can just wear my earplugs and enjoy my fave stories or songs. I even downloaded free kids' games in my ipod which keep my son busy and occupied while we wait for food in a resto. It's really cool.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Heavy and Bloated

I feel so heavy and bloated. I gained at least 10 lbs in just three months. I used to be very strict in my food intake, no sweets and soda. But for some reasons I always crave for chocolates recently and would have a few servings of root beer during snacks. I should rather take natural diuretic food like beets, oats and cabbage instead of sweets. There are also natural diuretic supplements that can help to lose weight and help eliminate water retention. My problem area is my tummy but my face and arms are now getting noticeably bloated. I wish I could find some supplements that would give an instant effect of weight loss.

Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin so I'm very careful in choosing the products that I use especially for my face. I easily get rashes and worse swelling whenever I use new product. I used to have annoying acne during my teen years and still get some every now and then, so I would invest on acne treatments that work to control if not totally eliminate my acne problem. The cost of acne treatment is not an object as long as it is effective.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Expert Website Builder

Do you know of any company who doesn't have a website to advertise their products nowadays? It's a necessity to have a website to make your products and services known. Though there are free sites out there that you can use to build your own website, professional site builders that provide expert web designs and development services are still the right choice. I found Web Deva website builder online that not only caters to site building, but still a lot more services like e-commerce store design, site setup, content management, strategic marketing consulting, business consulting, video editing, content creation, graphic design and more.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Too Much Being Online

It's been a crazy week. Despite my son's staying in school for an extra hour, it felt like I still have not enough time to finish all my housework and errands. In as much as I don't like wasting too much time browsing online, I still can't help it. So I blame it on the internet, lol. I do almost everything online - reading the news, online banking, catching up on shows I missed on TV, doing online work, catching up with old friends through FB, and a lot more. Sometimes I tend to overdo it, I just click buttons that say click here, so that's the start of too much hanging online. So what I do now is just to shut my laptop off and keep my ipod and iphone out of reach.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free Facial Massage

Later today I'll be going out with my girlfriends to go to a cosmetic promo in the mall. My girlfriend has another friend who works for a cosmetic company and they're going to introduce new make-ups and will offer free facial and make-up demo. I'm so excited to get a free facial massage, another pampering that I used to get a lot while in the Philippines. But now that I'm in US and too busy with motherhood, I never get to do it anymore. I'm just glad that my girlfriend invited me to go with her. I wonder if they do blackheads treatment too?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pampering Time

Yesterday, I went to my hairdresser friend to get some pampering. Actually I didn't get any hair cut or hot oil treatment, but a foot spa. The last time I had a foot spa was a year ago when I went to the Philippines for a much needed vacation. It really felt good to have somebody scrubbing and massaging your legs and feet. And to finish off of course I also got a pedicure, and then manicure and eyebrows plucking are the icing on the cake.

One thing I used to do on my own was to pluck my own eyebrows. But for some awkward reasons I just couldn't do it anymore. It's not the same anymore since I use a pair of reading glasses so I can see things up-close. Wearing them while plucking eyebrows is just ridiculous for me. So I need to go to a salon to have my eyebrows plucked or waxed. But if I couldn't go, I just have to deal not only with bushy eyebrows but also with a little wrinkle around the eyes. It's a good thing I can get the wrinkles under control with my very reliable
eye wrinkle cream.

Term Insurance to Get

One of the things that I don't really like doing is sorting through my junk mails. I accumulate tons of them even if I sort through them just before garbage day. Anyway, while browsing through my mound of mails on the kitchen island, I found several term insurance quotes and started reading through. I know I've been thinking of getting term insurance in a while, but have been putting it off for sometime now. It's good to stumble upon these quotes so I got some ideas and compare features and prices. Now it's easier to make a decision of which one to go for.

Life Saver

When I started high school, my problem with acne also started. It was very annoying and embarrassing to have acne breakouts especially at the time when I also started having crushes in school. It felt like I want to cover my head with a paper bag every time I would walk by the school corridor and see my crush. Then my acne problem went on till I was already working and starting my career in the bank. But then I've found the acne solution that ended the embarrassing situation in my early adult life, and until now I'm still using it. It's a life saver that I always keep handy. Whenever I get some showing of a breakout, this lotion sort of pacifies and clears it out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better Safe Than Sorry

When our son started to walk and climb up and down the furniture and all, I started clearing coffee and end tables in our family room so he wouldn't get hurt in case he falls. The family room is where he's only allowed to play and it literally became a play area. But as active and curious as my little boy is, he still had an accident falling backward while jumping up and down on a sofa and hit his head at the edge of a table in the formal living room which he was not even allowed to go to. We also quit using our fireplaces because he can be fascinated with the flickering fire and one time he couldn't help himself and opened the fireplace door and almost got into the fire. You can't be too careful with little boys so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Caring For Pets and Ponds

One feature in my sister-in-law's house that I admired when we visited her a few years back was the small pond that she built in the backyard. What made it really adorable were the beautiful pond plants that she incorporated in it such as water lotus and water lilies. It looked like it takes a lot of work to maintain the pond but since she enjoyed it too much she just kept it effortlessly. She's really into animals like she has some horses that she cares for and had a few dogs and cats too. I guess it takes a lot of time and patience to care for pets and ponds, but it doesn't matter when you really love and enjoy what you're doing.

Being Frugal

As a frugal mom I always look for ways on how to save money. One way that really pays off is to save on controllable expenses like electricity, water and heat. A few dollar saved here and there would amount to a huge savings in the long run. Sometimes I also haggle with car insurance companies to give me competitive premium quote that is usually cheaper and better than the last one we've got. Well there's no harm in trying to haggle if it means savings on your part.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking Charge of Health

It's been a while since we got back from vacation and still my weight is not getting to where it was before I left. Well the problem is I couldn't bring myself to my usual eating habit of eating less but frequent. And also the fact that I haven't gone back to working out adds up to the problem. I heard that doing colon cleanse will help in weight loss as it cleans out all the built up harmful waste and toxins in the body so it makes me want to try it. I want to take charge of my health and be wary of the food that I eat, but it would be nice to start on a clean slate minus the toxins in the body.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Exciting Reunion

So my best friend and I have been planning to have a reunion for a long time. About five years ago, we visited her in her North Carolina house but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the outer banks to bum in the beach, that would have a lot of fun. Having come from tropical weathered country, we both love hanging in the beach. This time it would be an exciting reunion if it ever pushes through because unlike the last time when I didn't have a kid of my own, this time my best friend's daughter will have a little playmate too. They haven't seen my son who is already 4 years old now. I'm sure this reunion will be an exciting one.

Anyway, my friend has recommended staying in one of the Carolina Designs
Outer Banks vacation rental by the ocean front. I like it that there many fun family activities that we could do in the outer banks like swimming, surfing, hang gliding, para-sailing, biking, fishing, crabbing, golfing, water skiing, and kite flying. We love taking tours and learn about the rich history of many famous historical places and in the outer banks we can visit places like the Whalehead Hunt Club and Wright Brother's Memorial. I'm so looking forward to this beach vacation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dealing With Acne Scar

Who hasn't gone to that awkward stage during puberty when you get annoying and embarrassing acne breakouts? Well I didn't escape that stage too and it was really stressful when you were a free-spirited teenager. I took after my mom's oily skin so I was prone to acne too. My mom had some acne scar on her face and so am I. That's why I also used acne scar cream to even out the imperfections on my face. Now though I still get breakouts every now and then, it's not as stressful as when I was a teenager anymore.

The Downside to Oily Skin

The time we came back from our vacation, I was so relieved to finally get into a cool and nice weather. The extreme heat in Italy really took a toll on my skin. I had rashes on my arms and legs and my acne hormones acted up on my chest and chin. It's hard when you have very oily skin, you get really prone to acne. But the good thing is, I have skin products that I use regularly to fight acne. Now I'm just glad my skin is back to being clear and smooth.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No More Italian Food Please ( For Now)

Ever since we arrived from our European vacation, I've been trying so hard to stay away from too much carbohydrates. I packed so much weight in barely two weeks of eating yummy pasta and pizza in Italy. I may need Appetite suppressant diet pills to effectively stop my craving for Italian food. But I just love Italian dishes, they're my all-time favorite. I even cooked Spaghetti Pomodoro the week we arrived from Italy, can't get enough of Italy, ha ha. So my last shot to losing the weight I gained from vacation is the best appetite suppressant diet pills.

Protection from Electronic Pickpockets

You can never be too careful at this time and age. Unscrupulous people multiply like mushrooms and their ingenuity gets more and more clever each time. Who would have thought that they could copy your credit card or debit card information without even getting hold of them? With the gadgets they invent, how can we ever protect ourselves from electronic pickpockets or identity theft? I saw this ad online about rfid wallet that serves as a security sleeve that protects credit card numbers from being stolen, what a great invention.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bone Density Check

I'm guilty of being lazy to take my daily multi-vitamins and iron pills in the morning. I rarely get sick but when I get sick I'm really down. My visit to my doctor for an annual physical has long been overdue too. I should make an appointment for that this coming week. I need to have a bone density check, not that I have any problem with my bone, but since my mom is suffering from osteoporosis I feel that I need to get checked for that too. I should not be remiss with taking the best vitamins with calcium so I won't have any problem with osteoporosis. But even then just for peace of mind, I need to get my bone density checked.

No More Acne and Rashes

After we arrived from our vacation in Italy, I was almost sure I was gonna have an acne breakout again. I have a very oily skin so the heat in Italy really aggravated it. I actually had rashes on my arms and legs, and I could see small red bumps on my chest and chin. But it's a good thing that I always keep acne skin care products on hand so that prevented things from going overboard. Now my face is free from acne issues and my rashes are also gone.

I Love Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is not as difficult as it used to when my little boy was only about two or three years old. It used to be hard to keep him seated in the cart, so my shopping time took twice longer than it should be. Now that he's four he listens better and stay in the cart for most times. But when my local grocery started the use of individual barcode scanner, it became even better. In my opinion the barcode scanner is the greatest invention of all, lol. I involve my son in the grocery shopping by letting him scan all the items I get, so that keeps him still in the cart. I involve him too in weighing produce by letting him push the button in the digital weighing scale. It's also educational because he can recall his numbers as I dictate to him the numbers to input. I enjoy grocery shopping even more now, there's no idle moment for me and my little one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Great Kitchen Deals

In the current economic situation where security is very shaky, it pays to be very frugal and spend wisely. Nobody can predict how long this problem will last, so it's up to us to be responsible spenders. As a mom I try to stick my spending to what is necessary and what we need rather than what we want. When I shop, I always look for the best deal and never pay the regular price. When I need to buy something regardless of how much it costs I always look for discount coupons online to enjoy extra savings.

I'm very happy to always get coupons because I'm a sucker for anything about the kitchen. One thing that I've been dreaming to have is a set of All-Clad cookware set, but it's very pricey so I just couldn't afford to buy it. But because of coupons it looks like my dream will already come true. Imagine the almost $400 savings that I will get just by using coupons! Isn't that amazing? If I get this cookware set, I can get rid of all the old ones I have which means I'll have more room in my kitchen island. I so love these great kitchen deals.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where's My Island?

I was just busy sorting through the mails that accumulated for almost a month that we were gone on vacation. I've got two paper bags full of junk mails and I'm not even halfway yet. I received tons of catalogs and coupons; a few cheap auto insurance quote; offers for lawn care; ads on kids activities and donation flyers. I'm happy to have finished at least half of the mound of junk mails that have covered my kitchen island. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be gone from the island so I can use it for what it is really for, prepping food and eating breakfast.

How to Cap Summer

I can't get enough of summer. This summer was the funnest of all since we were able to travel far with our little one who is already four and can appreciate the places that we've visited. After our European escapade, I still feel like going on Branson vacations to cap the summer. I've heard so much about Branson, the many fun activities for adults and children alike that we can do there.

We all love the outdoors so the State Park Marina or Dogwood Canyon Nature Park would be a perfect place to explore. The little guy will surely enjoy the Ride the Ducks too as he loves riding boats. Of course not to forget the Miniature Golf Courses that I'm sure the little guy would be thrilled to try especially that one of the themes is Pirate's Cover Adventure Golf. We also love touring museums and the World's Largest Antique Toy Museum really interests me.

Anyway, the many attractions in Branson don't end when summer ends, the calendar of events extends way up to November so there are a lot of chances to catch the excitement of Branson.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking Forward to the Wicked

The love for watching broadway shows is just one of the things that my hb and I have in common. When we went to New York in February to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary it was one of our plans to watch a show but this time a kid-oriented one. We wanted to expose our son to broadway shows as well so we planned to watch The Lion King. But unfortunately, our son was too young to get accepted into the theaters. I was very disappointed more than my son did because I really thought he would love that show. Anyway, we also wanted to see the Wicked. It's a good thing that it also runs in Boston so we don't need to go to New York anymore. Also I could just ask my good friend to baby sit for my son since we're just gonna be gone for few hours. Hb is already looking into theater tickets to buy so hopefully before my son's pre-school starts we could watch the show.

Two Birds With One Stone

I always wanted to have a pair of those muscle toning mbt shoes so even if I'm not working out in the gym I could still get my legs toned. Well as a stay-at-home mom who is always on the go, I could hit two birds with one stone just by wearing a pair of mbt shoes. I have a lot on my plate that gym gets the last priority in my list. Honestly, I'm sort of just wasting money since my gym charges me with membership fees monthly whether I work out or not. And unfortunately I haven't been in the gym for three months now. So at least while wearing mbt shoes I'll still get some results on my legs which is great. This is a great invention.

Jacuzzi Time

Summer is almost over and cold season will be here soon. I haven't even got the chance to go to the beach or even swim in the pool. Though we've been to England and Rome for close to three weeks and another week in NJ and PA for our summer vacation, but still no 'summer water' involved for me. I guess I would just content myself in the jacuzzi and take a warm and relaxing dip to make up for the lost summer beach escapade. Yeah, we have a jacuzzi in our bathroom that we barely use. It's such a waste sometimes to think that I have used it only once last year and not at all this year. But now that I need to relax after an exhausting trip recently, I guess I'll see more of my jacuzzi this time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buzz Lightyear for Halloween

Do you notice that days get shorter now so it gets dark earlier than usual? And it gets cooler at some nights too? And when you visit the shopping malls you can see Halloween costumes on display already on top of the school supplies. We haven't began the next school year yet and the mall establishments seem to make us worry about the Halloween already. Well my son has hand-me-down costumes that I hope would still fit him so I wouldn't need to buy anymore. But he loves to be Buzz Lightyear this year and I suspect it might cost a lot since it's very popular. So let's see how this year's Halloween turns out for the little guy.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Love Cyber Monday

I only attempted to do Black Friday shopping after Thanksgiving once and I promised myself it won't happen again. I just wasted my time circling around parking lots with less or almost no chance of getting any spot. And when I finally got a chance to get into the store, it's almost impossible to move. So thank goodness for Cyber Monday, shopping online is the most convenient way anyway for me to shop. I still get the best deals that were offered on Black Friday minus the inconvenience of finding parking space and getting into the store.

Getting Ready for Vacation

I'm busy getting ready for our short trip to NJ and PA. I put all the stuffs we need on the kitchen counter as I remember them. Though of course I always make a list of the things we need to bring, it always helps me to get things before I forget. I can forgetful sometimes. But since we're taking our SUV, it wouldn't hurt to bring extra of some stuffs. I was looking for my son's baby bag but I couldn't find it anywhere, I looked in all the closets even at the door hangers in each rooms but no baby bag. Finally while I was pulling the hamper in the master closet, there it was at the bottom shelf neatly put away. My son has his own small luggage and carry on [the baby bag] for his toiletries and bedtime pull-ups. There are still a lot to do, it's a bummer that this cold is bothering me right now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pots and Planters

I love working in the yard and get my hands dirty. I love tending to my beds of flowers and herbs. Spring and summer are two of the seasons that I love most because that is when I can enjoy looking at my fabulous flowers and appreciate the hard work I've done. I normally plant annuals and add more perennials to add vibrant colors to my flower beds.

I've always wanted to plant vegetables like tomatoes but I'm hesitant to do so. Though we have large backyard to accommodate vegetable patches, it is however rocky that it wouldn't be ideal to plant any vegetable. So my best solution to still enjoy fresh vegetables in the summer minus the large vegetable beds is planting them in outdoor planters. I have a large deck where I could put these planters which means I could have a variety of vegetables to plant.

I also have several indoor plants that I enjoy all year round. They need to be transferred to new indoor planters though as some of them are really thriving well. Speaking of indoor planter I found several pots and planters with elegant styles at that can also be used outdoor. I found these planters really good buys.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Friday - Crispy Calamari


One of the things that my hb and I enjoy doing together is try different cuisine and try new restaurants in and around our town. Our old time fave appetizer is Crispy Calamari. We've seen calamari prepared in lots of different ways, and this one is from Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse & Bars. It's really yummy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Facial Care

The summer heat is my skin's greatest nemesis. Summer is the time of the year when I get the most adult acne breakouts. So I normally wash my face as often as I can to take off that 'grime' that stick to it during the day, especially so that I have an oily skin too. If I'm in a place where I can't wash my face, I just use the baby wipes to clean and refresh my face. And I never forget to use daytime moisturizer with sun protection that I apply religiously to protect my skin from the burning heat of the sun.

Lost Momentum

I haven't been in the gym for over two weeks now. When I had food poisoning about two weeks ago, I had that stabbing pain in my tummy for at least two days. I was afraid to take my usual food consumption, it was like I was on diets for quick weight loss for two days, only eating wheat toasts without any spread on, not even butter and hot green tea. When I moved I would feel pain in my tummy, it was like I had muscle spasm. Even when I felt better I opted not to attend the Zumba class in the gym so as not to jiggle my tummy. But it was a bad call because I kind of lost the momentum of going to the gym. I hope to hit the gym again next week while the little guy goes to summer camp. I need to get the lost drive back.

What Pregnant Women Should Know

Every pregnant women should know the importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy not only to keep them healthy but most of all for the benefit of the unborn child in the womb. Prenatal vitamins help in preventing birth defects, abnormal growth, and other problems in unborn babies. So who wouldn't use prenatal vitamins, minerals and other forms of prenatal supplements as part of routine prenatal care?

I read that the eight most important prenatal nutrients are folic acid - reduce the risk of neural tube defects; calcium - decrease the risk of high blood pressure; DHA - suggested to decrease the incidence of post partum depression; Co-Enzyme Q10 - lower the incidence of pre-eclampsia; Probiotics -
friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract that help reduce the incidence of gestational diabete; Choline - has the protective effect for preventing spinal cord defects; Ginger Root - effective in treating nausea and vomiting; and Inositol - protects against the development of neural tube defects.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


I love Japanese food and I was glad that a resto called Kyoto Japanese Steak House finally opened in our town. This dish is just one of the fabulous dishes I love to order in the menu.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Worth Trying

Like I've said staying up so late at night gives me all this idea of resorting to diet pills to obtain a flat tummy. With all those paid programming shows about diet pills I've seen It sure hard to narrow down the one that will really work. But if I were to resort to diet pills I would choose the one that will suppress my appetite so I wouldn't have to pig out again, lol. From what I've read, an ingredient in diet pill called irvingia gabonensis not only aid in weight loss management but overall health as well. It is all natural and there have been no known serious side effect during clinical trials, so it is apparently safe to take. Also I read that it helps in cholesterol and sugar level management as well. I guess this kind of weight loss product is worth trying.

I Need the Time for My Drive

Have you noticed how many weight loss products are advertised late at night. I should know, because I always stay up late at night, it's a bad habit to break. I always wonder if they are as effective as what they promise to be, I'm so tempted to try them really. My weight loss regimen is kind of a see-saw. If I only get the drive and the time at the same time to do my workout I could have reached my goal of a flat tummy in no time. But usually time is not with me though the drive is really there. Hopefully when hb gets back from business trip then I can go back to the gym as regularly as I used to.

Regulate Sleeping Habits

Yesterday both my son and I slept past our usual waking time. So I had to hurriedly make breakfast, fix my son's snack for summer camp and get him and I ready to leave. I normally stay up very late at night regardless of whether or not I'm doing anything. My eyes are just programmed to sleep around 1-ish or 1-ish in the morning. It's not fun to always hurry through traffic to beat the clock. I'm considering taking the best sleeping pills sometimes to regulate my sleeping habits but I'm just afraid it would become a bad habit. Anyway, if I can only do my workout regularly, then it wouldn't be hard to fall asleep earlier.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Economizing at Home

I'm trying to economize on the usual stuff that I use around the house, like the consumption of electricity and water among others. If I could save a buck or two here and there, that would mean a lot in the long run. I am thinking of buying stainless steel drum to catch rain water that can be used in watering the lawn and plants. That way I could save a lot of money by replacing the gallons of water that I normally use with rain water, very brilliant right? Summer in New England state can get really hot and water bans are usually imposed in certain areas. But with rain water stuck in a drum, you can water anytime you like.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I get a lot of hand me downs for my son from girlfriends' kids, including a few Halloween costumes. So far my son has worn the Bumble Bee, Frog and Fireman costumes. The one that I really loved on him was the Bumble Bee costume, oh he was so cute in it. And also since it was his first Halloween ever so everything about that costume and the experience were really fun and exciting. That was also the first Halloween that I had my friends and their kids over and we went Trick or Treating together. Then it became a tradition after that. My son is so crazy about Curious George so probably monkey outfit is the next costume I will be looking for to get for him.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eye Wrinkle Cream

My skin around the eye area felt different when I reached 40. It lost the elasticity it once had and it's a little bit wrinkly. It feels uncomfortable if I don't apply eye cream around my eye. When I was younger, I never thought I would worry about wrinkles, but this aging is something inevitable. I'm looking at eye wrinkle cream reviews to check out the best eye wrinkle cream to get that is gentle to the skin as I've got a somewhat sensitive skin. I know I can't control aging but at least I can delay wrinkles using the right cream.

The Heat of Summer

I was clearing up my bathroom closet and I can't believe how much adult acne products I've accumulated in the past. I've tried so many products and wasted money in the process before I found the right one that really works for me. I used to get really bad acne with my oily skin and until now I still get breakouts from time to time. I love the warm summer weather but my face doesn't like the heat, so I use anti-acne products to protect my skin from breakouts. With my acne protection I can still enjoy the heat of summer.

On the Right Track

I've been back to the gym again after being away for several days. I'm struggling to get my groove back though but I'm working on it. Every time I hit the scales the more I get the drive to go back and workout some more. A matter of few absences from working out really makes a difference. I feel bloated again and it's getting hard to button my pants again, not to mention the feeling of sluggishness too. Anyway, with the rate I'm going it looks like I'm on the right track once more. Today I went out biking around the neighborhood too which is really fun at the same time. Hopefully I get into the waistline I'm going for soon, lol.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Choosing the Right Acne Product

I'm no teens anymore but I still get that nasty acne once in a while. Now that the hot weather is here again, I'm sure that I'm gonna have breakouts too. I hate that I still have to deal with this problem at my age, but its good to know that there are lots of acne treatment out there that I can access anytime like acnepril. Also reviews on acne products help a great deal too, it makes it easier to choose the right product that will help.

Such a Waste of Paper

I've been so pre-occupied with lots of things lately that I've got no time to go through my mails anymore. Each day I get tons of catalogs, flyers, life insurance quotes, ads, coupons, and what have you. I just pick out the bills and set aside the rest that are not really urgent but still needs my attention and toss the junk in the recyclables. I can't believe how much papers are wasted from the catalogs alone that I just toss in the trash without even flipping through them. I always go online anyway for just about anything that I want or need to know, so catalogs from the snail mail are not necessary anymore. I just hope these companies will stop sending me stuffs I don't need already.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pigging Out with Girlfriends

It's funny how Filipinas in US love to get-together as often as their schedules permit. These get-togethers involve not only lots of exchanges of stories but lots of food to chew as well. Like I meet with my girlfriends often so I get to eat Filipino dishes that I haven't eaten in a while so pigging out is expected. Then we would complain about gaining weight and packing on bulges in the tummy. Maybe next time we should also serve diet pills for women to offset the calorie intake, lol.

Vitamins and Workouts

I have been getting exhausted quite easily lately. It's probably because of being remiss in taking my vitamins and iron pills. And also because I haven't been getting enough exercise thus my stamina is really way low. I used to withstand staying up so late several nights in a row and still accomplish a lot with my online work. But now I just couldn't get as much done as before because I get tired easily like I'm taking some natural sleep aid that makes me hit the sack early. I have to put things in the right perspective starting with regularly taking my vitamins. I started going to the gym again after my workout schedule got interrupted with other priorities.

Enjoying the Backyard More

Geez, it is true what they say, there are no two similar days in New England. Yesterday was one great day, in fact my son enjoyed a dip in his pool with his little friends. But today was a completely different story, we had a scary thunder storm in the afternoon I had to unplug all our appliances. Summer is just around the corner and I expect to be spending a lot of times in the backyard with my son. Hopefully the weather will get much better, that is more sun and less rain. I also wish we had an outdoor fireplace so we can stay out longer in the backyard and enjoy some roasted marshmallows and smores. My son loves the outdoor and camping in the backyard is something he is looking forward to.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shopping for Cheap Insurance

So its time to renew our car insurance policy again, it only means I need to shop for the cheapest car insurance again. Car insurance is one of the utility bills I could earn some savings from because I always look for other quotes and compare first before settling for the best one. With the present economic hardship one has to find a way to save a few bucks and be conscious about too much spending.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gifts to Give

When there's somebody I need to buy gifts to, I sometimes hit a blank wall. But it doesn't take me long to figure out the gifts I can give to my nephews on their birthdays. Though I'm not a big fan of hip hop clothing, my nephews adore them. I found a site called where I can buy these kind of clothing and more. They do have stuffs for girls and boys and even stuff for infants and toddlers too.

Bikini Figure

There's so many things to do in the yard but I couldn't find the time to work there continuously as much as I wanted to. My hubby was out on business trip for a week so I was literally running around with the little guy without any help. I only wish my daily motherhood routine would translate to an hour work out in the gym where I burn some calories but unfortunately that is not the case. I'm sure some weight loss pills would have been better to take since I'm so desperately wanting to get into a bikini figure before summer.

Acne Control

I have oily skin so I dread the summer hot weather when I always get breakouts. But lately even if its not really hot yet, I am having breakouts anyway. I am looking into buying natural acne treatment that is gentle to the skin and won't give harsh effect just like the other ones I've tried in the past. Hopefully before the weather gets really hot, I could control the breakout of my acne.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Few Bucks Saved

In a few weeks time our car insurance is expiring so it's time to shop for life insurance online quote once again. I normally look for the best deal to save me a few bucks. Few bucks saved here and there would total to a lot when you think about it. Since I'm the one handling all the household expenses, I somehow know how to manage controllable expenses and save a few dollars in the process.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Laptops

My hubby changes work laptop every two years and the current one he is using is mac notebook. It is a first for him to ever use a mac. It was quite impressive, very sleek and with wide screen, though I'm not sure how much macbook memory it contains. The laptop I am using right now is also pretty new, I got this as a birthday present last year. I'm not sure if I will trade this though with a mac, lol. My hubby had my laptop personalized with my name and phone number too, and the color is bright red which I like very much. Anyway, I wonder what he would give me for my next birthday. All I know is he has to top the one from last year, lol.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Appetite Suppressant

Most of the times it is hard to not eat a lot especially when you have deprived yourself from eating due to dieting. While browsing online I saw this site on nuphedragen reviews about a pill that suppress appetite. The testimonials of the people who actually used the pills are very interesting. The pills suppressed their desire to eat because they had this feeling of fullness and they lost weight in just few days of using the pills. A friend of mine could make use of this appetite suppressant pills. She pigs out a lot especially when she's stressed and I can't believe with her small frame how she's able to shove everything in, lol.

Acne Cream on Hand

From time to time I still get breakouts on my chin especially during my period. So I make sure I have a little bottle of acne cream on hand for when I need it. I have an oily skin too which makes me prone to pimples so I should be religiously cleaning my face. But there are times when I feel so lazy to clean my face before going to bed mostly during cold weather. And since I stay up late at night, I would rather crash to bed after a long day rather than washing up and do some facial rituals.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Need a New Purse

Ever since I had my son, my normal accessory is a tote bag that carries all my stuff and my son's necessities all together. That's the very practical and convenient way for me, though I miss carrying a purse sans kiddie stuff. I'm looking into buying a new purse, and I'm kinda feeling the style of a rebecca minkoff purse. It wouldn't hurt to get a new purse on Mother's Day. I should probably start hinting my wish list to hubby, lol.

Friday, April 16, 2010

If Only I Was Younger

I attended law school while I was already working in the bank. It was tough to balance school and work at that time especially when I got promoted and had to move to a another branch. So I just finished two semesters of law and wasn't able to continue anymore. It was just easy to get into law school back then, all I had to show was a proof that I finished a four-year degree. So I didn't have to do lsat prep and actually take lsat unlike in US. If I only I was a lot younger, I would still love to finish law school. But since I wasn't I would just contend myself to watching crime shows.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Even if I don't work at the moment I still update my resumes online just in case I get the chance to work again in the future. I miss the corporate world but at this time, I've got the most demanding and challenging job of all - motherhood. Being a mom is a 24/7 job without any monetary remuneration, but a ton of love and affection from my little guy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Deal of the Day

Towards the end of any season, you can expect most stores to offer lots of sale items and great deals. So that is when I normally shop for children's clothes and toys or household items. Last week I went shopping and found very inexpensive bedspread and comforter sets which were not only half priced but also with additional 15% off at check-out. I would say that was one great deal of the day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Annoying Cold Sores

Cold sores can be very painful and annoying especially when you get it in the mouth area. I've tried a few treatment products that can make the sores dry but could sting tongue when you happen to lick your lips, though admittedly they helped in getting rid of the herpes simplex virus. But I would prefer the treatment that is effective in killing bacteria without hurting the skin. Right now I have an ointment for canker sores that has a numbing effect so I can still eat or brush my teeth without any pain.

A Great Distraction

Despite the emergence of different networking sites, blogging is still my first love. I couldn't believe I've been blogging for almost four years now. I'm on various web directories and I must admit I have made quite a lot of friends around the globe just through blogging. I also had the opportunity to meet some bloggers in person. I still see myself blogging in the years to come though not as active as before. I consider blogging as a great distraction from the routine of motherhood and housekeeping.

Creepy Night

Last night, my son and I slept-over at my aunt's so I could help her out with her grocery shopping, laundry, and few errands the following day. It was our first time to stay in her tiny apartment for the night so I found it hard to sleep. It also felt kinda creepy as I was thinking about my dead uncle especially when I smelled cigarette smoke in the middle of the night, my uncle was a chain smoker. The following day I woke up with huge eye bags. I would probably need the best under eye creams to get rid of them. Next time I visit her again, I don't think I would sleep over anymore.

Looking After an Aunt

I had a very exhausting day today. I visited my aunt and helped her with her errands, laundry, and a lot more. My aunt lost my uncle early this month through massive heart attack, and she's been a mess ever since. She was kinda spoiled by my uncle when he was still alive, so there are so many things she couldn't do on her own like driving a car to begin with. This additional responsibility of looking after her is filling up my schedule not to mention giving me adult acne due to stress.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Online Public Safety Degree

I salute the people like the police men, fire fighter, emergency medical services to name a few, who are putting their safety on the line to protect the people like us in the community. Assuring public safety involves many challenges so these professionals should have a deep understanding of the society we live in and the confidence and creative mind to handle threats to our safety and security.

So for the professionals in the law enforcement; emergency medical services; fire services; disaster response; or communication, who are looking for a place that will help them equip themselves with the skills they need to effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of public safety. Lewis University has a long standing reputation for leadership in the field of criminal and social justice that offers online public safety degree that includes curriculum that will greatly expand the ability for creative thinking and innovative problem solving. This program will prepare the professionals to lead with confidence, communicate with authority, and inspire hope in times of crisis.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baked Shrimps with Ritz Crackers Crumbs

Here's another easy recipe for you. The original recipe calls for scallops, and since scallops are very pricey, I substituted shrimps. I keep a big pack of medium shrimps in my freezer so I have them handy when I need to stir-fry veggies with shrimps or cook Mung Beans with Shrimps instead of pork (Ginisang Monggo). This dish smells really good while baking in the oven, you can not resist to eat them right after baking. Everything really tastes and smells good with butter! We had this for lunch today and I partnered it with Couscous with Broccoli.



1 lb Shrimps, deveined and pat dry
6 tbsp butter, melted and divided
10 pcs Ritz Crackers
salt and pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
1. Preheat oven to 375 deg. F
2. Put Ritz crackers in a ziplock bag and crush into crumbs, set aside.
3. Pour half of the butter on the shrimps and stir to coat.
4. Sprinkle the shrimp with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
5. Arrange the shrimps in a shallow buttered casserole.
6. Cover with Ritz crackers crumbs.
7. Pour rest of the butter over crumbs
8. Bake for 15 minutes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clean Fresh Air

We had springy weather the past days so I was able to open some windows for much needed fresh air. I've had enough of the cold weather to say the least, so getting warm weather like this is a welcome change. My two boys have been alternately coughing and sneezing mostly due to dusty air circulating in the house. I just couldn't wait for the real spring to arrive so I could open all my windows for real fresh air, spring air means free home ventilation.

Chaotic Schedule

The one thing that remains regular in my fitness regimen is the Zumba class on Saturdays and hopefully I can keep it that way. I used to workout at least twice a week aside from the Zumba class but recently I just couldn't squeeze that in my busy schedule. Though I feel that I gained more stamina and firmer muscles, I still miss using fitness equipment for my abs, arms and legs. The past days have just been chaotic with the sudden death of a relative that I missed a lot of gym time, but the coming week should be a little better.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Not Wrong to Help But,,

...don't extend credit that would affect your own.

I'm happy that having bad
credit report has never been a problem to my hubby and I. We are both responsible people when it comes to handling our finances and credit so we enjoy high credit score. Unlike some people we know who are over dipping into all kinds of debts that are beyond their means which obviously affected their credit negatively. And one friend was not smart enough accommodating a relative to make a loan using his credit, so when that relative defaulted my friend had to assume responsibility but only after his credit was already badly damaged. Last time I head that friend I was talking about is not anymore in speaking terms with the relative he extended his credit to. I'd say it's not not wrong to help, but I wouldn't extend credit that would affect my own, especially with relatives.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Customs Hats For Me

I'm not into hats, I feel like I don't look good wearing one since I thought I've got big head. But since it is a necessary accessory to protect my head on cold wintry days, I don't have a choice but to wear one. I guess I should do custom hats that would perfectly fit me instead of just buy the ones in store that are obviously made for people with tiny heads, lol.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Your Homework Before Trying Diet Pills

Are you desperate to lose weight like I do? Well maybe you are but please don't try just about any diet pills that you think would work without doing your homework first. With so many diet pills out there that promise instant result, the more that we should be wary about trying them. Like I read a review about this phosphacore that claims that you could lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks. Wow, it's too good to be true but is it healthy and safe? For one, the review says that the ingredients do not really contain rare African herbs just like what it is claiming, so for this reason alone of false advertisement, I wouldn't dare try it would you?

Weight Loss Program

If only I could drag my hb into working out with me, I would. We used to work out together before our son came, but now he doesn't work out at all. At least I could still work out when the little guy is in school. My hb's travel requirement for work prevents him from going with me to the gym. I wish I could get the best weight loss program or workout routine that we could do together at home, just so my hb would get the hang of working out again.

My Puffy Eyes

My puffy eyes have always been my problem. I wish I could get the best eye cream to get rid of this problem. I know I should be going to bed early and get at least 7 hours of sleep to at least lessen my eye bags, but I can only do my online work peacefully at night. Well I can't possibly concentrate and do work online continuously while my little son is awake and distracting me every chance he gets. So being a night person and sleeping so late or should I say early in the morning, make my eye puffiness even worse.

Back to the Gym

I can't wait to get back to the gym again for some fat burner exercise. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to swing by. I really need to burn some fats I stored while pigging out in New York. After getting back from this short trip, all I did was to catch up on chores that I left behind before the trip. And now I've got a luggage full of dirty laundry that added up to the loads of chores. Finish or not, the gym will be the first in my to-do-list for tomorrow.

Hubby's Adventurous Palate

I'm lucky to be married to a guy who has very adventurous palate. He will try to eat just about anything so I don't have any problem thinking about what to cook for him. He also eats and is willing to try different Filipino dishes except for few exotic ones like balut (egg with aborted chick) and dried fish and any liver dish. He used to weigh just right for his physique because he only ate one big meal throughout the day and had coffee or light snack in between. But when we got married he started eating three full meals a day so he easily put on some weight. I know it will take the most effective diet pill to help him lose the excess weight he gained considering that he doesn't have time to go to the gym to workout. He blames me for cooking a lot, but he just couldn't resist Filipino food.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacation Means Pigging Out

We celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary with an out-of-town trip to New York. I would say it was a very relaxing break and my family and I got a chance to bond together. But the downside of this vacation was the pigging out. Unlike at home where I control my food intake by eating small portions only, in New York we were in restaurants every chance we got. I feel that I wasted the three-times-a-day workout I've had in the past weeks. In only a matter of three days in New York, I must have gained several pounds already. I feel that I should be taking belly fat burner pills to get into my weight before the vacation.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video Games Frenzy

There was a time last year when I got so hooked up in playing xbox and wii games. Whenever my son was already in bed and all my chores were done, instead of watching tv to relax I would stay up playing Indiana Jones or Feeding Frenzy and other arcade games on xbox. But when the holidays were over and everything got back to normal, I was able to cut my video games frenzy before it got out of hand. But just out of curiosity I'm looking at the latest ps3 online just to check it out. I guess two video game consoles are enough for now, lol.

In the Study Room

Hb is planning to get rid of the old tv in the study room to give way to a new LCD TV. He spends most of the day there working from home and he wants a bigger and better tv set to watch his favorite shows while taking breaks. It looks like he's also planning of staying in the study room for good, lol. Oh but he needs to take coffee and bathroom breaks in between so he has to come out too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Discount Codes for Frugal Moms

As a frugal mom I always take advantage of sale and bargains. I don't normally buy anything at regular prices, it has to be on sale. Timing is also very important to me when shopping, I also take advantage of huge savings when I shop after big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I prefer shopping online though to avoid the crowd. I always look for coupons, promotional codes, Discount Codes and what have you before I go shopping. I usually get coupons in the mail, but if I need to buy something I don't have coupon for, then I look for coupons I can print online.

In one of my online shopping escapades, I saw this website called Unbeatable where you can get access to a very large collection of products and retailers across the UK and compare prices of huge consumer products side by side. This means that you can make informed decision easily since you can view the specifications of products side by side. Also you can read through editor and users reviews of the products as well as buying guides that will really aid you in getting just the right product you are looking for. So for your next shopping, visit to take advantage of great deals and huge savings.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pasta Primavera Alfredo

When I checked my chiller the other day, I saw a couple of bunches of broccoli and few pieces of carrots. I thought I could make some salad before they go bad. But I remember seeing a pasta dish that uses veggies in a magazine so I thought maybe I could try that one. It is called Pasta Primavera Alfredo, a meatless pasta dish that looked very easy and yummy. I thought my hb wouldn't like it because it doesn't have meat but seemed to not mind, all he said was it's very interesting. My little son loved the carrots because they were crisp and sweet. I sliced the carrots thinly using mandoline slicer.


3/4 lb. spaghetti, uncooked
3 cups small broccoli florets
3 carrots (3/4 lb), cut into thin slices
4 oz. (1/2 of 8 oz.pkg) Philadelphia Cream Cheese, cubed
1 cup milk
1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
1/2 tsp garlic powder

1. Cook spaghetti in large saucepan as directed on package, adding vegetables to the boiling water the last 3 minutes.
2. Meanwhile cook remaining ingredients in saucepan on medium low heat until cream cheese is completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring occasionally.
3. Drain spaghetti mixture; return to pan. Add sauce; toss to coat.

Yield - Makes 6 servings (1 1/3 cups each)
Source: Kraft Foods

Monday, January 18, 2010

Losing Weight the Natural Way

I read of some people who aside from working out in the gym regularly are also supplementing on conjugated linoleic acid to pack on lean muscle and reduce body fat. It's not that I have anything against taking any diet pills but it's just that I would rather prefer to do everything the natural way. So far three times a week in the gym is working for me and I've been watching my food intake as strictly as I can. We eat lots of fresh fruits any time of the day and we at least a serving of green salad every meal. And we try to refrain from eating out, maybe once every other week on family outing is good enough. By the way, most restaurants are offering low-calorie or small serving entrees nowadays so we choose to order that.

Building Stamina Together

I talked my hb into enrolling in the gym too but he hasn't found the time to join me in my workout yet. It would have been a great set up to work out together while our son is watched for by a sitter in the baby siting area of the gym. We used to work out together and biked together but a lot of factors contributed to losing the time for fitness and exercise, one of which is his need to travel often on business trips. Hb needs to lose weight too and also build some muscles in the right places, lol just like those guys in the gym who look like fitness trainers. I wonder if they got their huge muscles just by working out, probably testosterone booster has a lot to do with them too. Anyway, hb is not going for huge muscle build up, but just getting light and fit with lots of stamina for the demand of his work, the way that I'm also working for stamina to keep up with my active son.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Pain No Gain

It's been three days already but I'm still feeling some joint pain and stiffness in the neck. I will never overdo my workout in the gym again. I was killing the time one day, didn't want to drive home anymore and then leave again to pick up my son from school. So I worked out for over two hours and left just in time for my son's dismissal. Anyway, I feel the joint and neck pain particularly right after getting up in the morning, it feels like my joints ran out of some lubricant of sort. Reading through make me want to get some joint supplements that will help relieve my discomforts quickly. I've been going to the gym religiously since the start of the year, so I'm not letting the pain ruin my schedule. No pain, no gain!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lotion in My Kitchen Counter

I may say that I don't worry about acne anymore, or so gone are the days of my concern about acne when I moved to US. But now I have a totally different worry, the wrinkles. The very cold weather here zaps the moisture out of my skin so it becomes, very dry, itchy and sometimes flaky. Reading through iQ derma review, I saw different products with wrinkle fighting ingredients that I'm interested to try. But I have very sensitive skin too so I will really have to read through the review and see their benefits. Anyway, I regularly use over the counter hypoallergenic moisturizer for my face and also moisturizing lotion for my body. My hands are particularly dry because of too much washing in the kitchen, that's why I keep a bottle of lotion in my kitchen counter that I use after every wash.

No More Acne

I was reading about this exposed acne treatment reviews and asked myself where were these products when I was younger and prone to acne? When I was a teenager up until the time when I was working already, acne had been a problem to me. I went to a dermatologist once a month to control it and I must have used tons of medicated topical cream to get rid of it. But having very oily skin coupled with the tropical weather in the Philippines made it hard to really get rid of my acne back then. But when I moved to US things changed. Though I still get a pimple once in awhile, it's nothing compared to the acne I got before.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Overdoing Workout

Yesterday I worked out in the gym for a little over two hours. It was because I wanted to finish just in time for my son's school dismissal so I wouldn't need to go home anymore. I did a lot of weight-lifts that were not included in my program. I sweat a lot and it felt good. But when I woke up this morning I felt very sore and I've got stiffed neck. It was my plan to work out again today but my neck really bothers me I could use some best muscle supplements to relieve it. Next time I will just take it easy.

Getting Better

Can you feel the economy getting a little better already? I read that some companies are hiring again. Actually if you look at job search online there are tons of available jobs waiting to be filled up. Also the value of some of our stocks went up a little bit, so I guess that's a good thing. Hopefully things will get much better this year and the people who got laid off and lost their houses will get their normal lives back again.

I Want to Experience New Orleans

One of the places that my hb and I want to visit is New Orleans. We both want to experience its famous annual carnival, the Mardi Gras, a celebration attended by tourists all over the world because of its ornate parades, costume balls and festivities. My hb was there once before but on business trip. He stayed in hotel new orleans close to where the action was supposed to be, but he didn't see much because he was a week ahead of the festivities. But I know it could get a bit crazy during the Mardi Gras day with people getting drunk and women flashing for bead necklaces. So I don't think it is such a good idea for my little son to see this wild behavior. But I read that the parade goes around town anyway, and there's only one street where people get pretty wild, so we shouldn't take our son in that street.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Need Portion Control Scale

It has been a struggle for me to control my craving for sweets. Once I started eating chocolates I just couldn't get my mind off them. It's good enough that I started going to the gym already, at least I could burn some calories off. But I still feel the need to get really serious about controlling my appetite for sweets and fatty food. I eat a lot of junk when I'm stressed and I'm working online. Munching something sweet while doing my online work seems to get my brain working, so it became a habit for me to have sweets within my reach, like I'm munching on M&M's right now, yikes.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting myself one of those food scales so I can control the portion of my food intake. I need portion control scale so I can monitor my 1,200 calorie per day goal and it would be best to get those digital scales so measuring is quicker and easier. I could easily get to the weight I'm working for if I can strictly control my food intake coupled with three-times a week work-out. But hopefully I won't backslide in my work-out routine this time. Well of course I can't totally give up baking cookies for my 'boys' even if I'm trying to control my sweet tooth. I bake cookies a lot and I usually bake in bulk so I can freeze away for later. I found stainless steel scales that bakers use which I'm interested to buy. It's 16 lb capacity and two platforms sound perfect for baking in bulk.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Hair Vanity

Do you have any vanity? I do. I don't go for expensive clothes or purses, not even make-ups but I will splurge on my hair and hair supplements. I'm also very daring when it comes to hairstyle, I've tried them all - from very short bob cut to long frizzy style; from one length style to spiky tops. That's only because I trusted my hairstylist back then. But when I came over here in US, it took a while for me to find the hair stylist that could really do the style I want. I must have tried all the salons in town but just didn't go back to any of them anymore after my first appointment. Then luckily I found this Vietnamese salon some 24 miles from my place. I go there all the time and I don't mind the drive. It's also just beside the fave Oriental store and Chinese dimsum restaurant that we frequent, so it's worth the long drive.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Linguine with Kielbasa and Broccoli

My family is a pasta lover so there's no week that pasta is not included in my planned menu. I mostly use tomato sauce in my pasta dishes but because hb requested that I make some pasta with sauce other than tomato for our Christmas get-together with friends, I thought I'd try this interesting Linguine with Kielbasa and Broccoli recipe that I found in my Food Network magazine. I love basil pesto and I've used it in some of my dishes like baked salmon, however, I have never tried using Gorgonzola cheese. I was reluctant at first to try this dish anticipating that it might have very strong flavor because of the Gorgonzola cheese and the salty kielbasa, but it turned out really great.


1 16-ounce pkg. uncooked linguine

4 cups fresh small broccoli florets

1 pkg. Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa

1/2 cup chopped onion
1 teaspoon hot sauce
1 7-ounce pkg. refrigerated basil pesto

1 5-ounce pkg. crumbled Gorgonzola cheese

2 green onions, sliced

Salt and ground pepper to taste

1. Cook linguine according to package directions. During the last 4 minutes of cooking, add broccoli to water. When linguine and broccoli are tender, drain; keep warm.

2. Cut sausage into 1/2 inch cubes. Heat a 4 to 6 quart pan over medium high heat for 3 minutes. Add sausage and onion to pan; cook 3 to 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until sausage is browned and ionion is tender.

3. Add hot sauce, cooked linguine and broccoli. Toss gently over medium heat for 1 minute. Stir in pesto, Gorgonzola and green onions; heat through. Add salt and pepper, to taste.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Gift Shopping

Every year no matter how I plan to do an early holiday shopping to avoid the crowd I still end up cramming anyway. Kids get harder to buy gifts for each year, they are into expensive computer games and latest gadgets that oftentimes they already own. I find it easier to buy gifts for younger kids and older people, they are easier to please. Like my son loves anything Thomas and Friends. He gets excited at just anything he sees the logos and pictures of the trains on like in books, stickers, underpants, backpacks, blanket, etc so he's got them all. My uncle who loves to smoke hinted that he'd like to receive cigars or his fave unfiltered cigarettes for Christmas, so it was also easy. Though I didn't feel like giving in to his request because it's bad for his health, I just had to give what he likes. Anyway, I'm glad that holiday gift shopping was all over, hopefully it would still be easy for my son and relatives again next time.

It's Time to Work Out Again

I'm sure a lot of us found an excuse to pig out over the holidays. Who would want to count calories while everybody else was enjoying good food and drinks? I know I made a resolution that I will get back on the nordictrack audiostrider 990 pro after the holidays. So I started working out in the gym again today after being absent for two weeks. I didn't mind driving through snowy and slippery roads with a toddler in tow. Hopefully I could take off the weight I gained over the holidays, on top of the lingering excess pounds I've been carrying all this time, ha ha ha. Goodluck to me!