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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Clothes

So after the never-seems-to-end rainy days, the sun finally came out and it shone really good. We had a summer-like weather in the 80's yesterday and it was scorching hot. Now is the time to wear shorts and sleeveless tops but hopefully minus the little cellulite and spider veins. I'm sure I could use spider veins and some cellulite treatment but hb said I shouldn't worry about them anyway as they don't really look bad though I'm still conscious about it. But vanity aside, I look forward to wearing my summer clothes once again, no more rain coats and sweaters please!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equal Opportunity

You look at career websites and you see tons of available jobs like sales jobs. But how is it that statistics still show a big percentage of unemployment? I was watching a show on tv a couple of nights ago that featured professional men and women who have been out of work for at least a year. One pointed out how some employers have a ridiculous requirement that applicants should be currently employed for employers to entertain their applications. That is insane and in my opinion does not foster equal opportunity. I can't imagine how some people can still manage to make ends meet in this economy while not gainfully employed for a year. Hopefully employers would be much kinder and extend equal opportunity as required.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Projects

When warm weather arrives it makes me think about makeover projects for the house. There are tons of things I want to organize, change or repair in the house, some of which are insulating and organizing the garage, repainting exterior walls and installing metal building shed in the backyard to house equipments like lawn mover, snow blower, tiller and the likes. Having a shed would free the basement of chunky equipments so then I'll have more space to store things that we don't always use but don't want to throw or give away yet.

No Rain At Last

For the first time in long wet week, I saw sun and felt warmth longer today. What a perfect day! Hopefully tomorrow we'll have the same nice weather again so I can finally finish planting all my flowers in the bed. On the upside of things at least the rains really hydrate my plants but also the downside to it is the grass grows faster than they should so hb has to mow as often as possible. And also I would much rather take the light rain and drizzles even if happens everyday than get devastating heavy rains that caused great floods just like in the south. It's hard to imagine how the people who have lost all their properties are coping up after this catastrophic incident. I'm sure it is hard to build again, motorhome repairs would have been better than building anew.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smart Phone Batteries

My smart phone and ipod batteries run out quickly because I use them like crazy. Well actually my son uses my ipod now for games but I am so dependent on my smart phone for just about anything - to check emails, browse the news, play games, facebooking, sending text messages, storing database of addresses and phone numbers and a lot more. I need a new battery pack for my ipod touch and I've been looking for online stores that carry them. I saw an online store that sells replacement batteries like samsung mobile batteries and a lot more, so its my best bet to get the battery pack that I need.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skin Problem

One will know when I'm stressed, it usually manifest on my face. You'll see pimples normally on my chin and the T-zone. I hate still getting pimples at my age, but I can't seem to escape them. Now that warm season is here, I'm sure not only my face but my back as well will suffer from these annoying skin problem. I have my normal facial cream to prevent acne and wrinkles too, but I might add back acne treatment to my daily regimen if I want clear and smooth skin.

I Love to Give Personalized Gifts

I find it difficult sometimes to get gifts for people who already have everything, just like my hb. But you can never go wrong when you give something personalized, something that the receiver can identify with. I love giving personalized gifts mostly to kids of my friends. I've given personalized photo albums, personalized Christmas ornaments, personalized wedding crocks and mugs. The last personalized gifts I ordered were kids' stools as birthday presents. Now I need to think about what gift to give hb on Father's Day, and I guess I have an awesome idea, nickname beer glasses! Yup, I know my hb would love to have his fave refreshments in a cute personalized beer glass.

Yard Work

For the past days I've been busy doing yardwork cleaning and weeding my flower beds and planting annual and adding more perennial flowers. I went crazy again with buying flower plants, if only money is not an object I could have bought a lot more. Aside from impatiens, day lily, lily of the valley, ground covers and pink flowers, I also planted petunia, marigold, and begonia of various colors in flower boxes and pots and I put them in the deck. I still have mulch to apply in one of the flower beds and some more flowers to plant on the edges of the beds too. I can't wait to see all my flowers in full bloom. There are still a lot more to do in the yard, but I just couldn't do everything alone. I hired the services of a landscaper to do clean and edge the middle bed and around the trees. And I guess it's hb's time to do his part and put his honda lawn mowers to use. With all the rains we get the grass grows fast and needs to be wowed frequently.