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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Economizing at Home

I'm trying to economize on the usual stuff that I use around the house, like the consumption of electricity and water among others. If I could save a buck or two here and there, that would mean a lot in the long run. I am thinking of buying stainless steel drum to catch rain water that can be used in watering the lawn and plants. That way I could save a lot of money by replacing the gallons of water that I normally use with rain water, very brilliant right? Summer in New England state can get really hot and water bans are usually imposed in certain areas. But with rain water stuck in a drum, you can water anytime you like.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I get a lot of hand me downs for my son from girlfriends' kids, including a few Halloween costumes. So far my son has worn the Bumble Bee, Frog and Fireman costumes. The one that I really loved on him was the Bumble Bee costume, oh he was so cute in it. And also since it was his first Halloween ever so everything about that costume and the experience were really fun and exciting. That was also the first Halloween that I had my friends and their kids over and we went Trick or Treating together. Then it became a tradition after that. My son is so crazy about Curious George so probably monkey outfit is the next costume I will be looking for to get for him.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eye Wrinkle Cream

My skin around the eye area felt different when I reached 40. It lost the elasticity it once had and it's a little bit wrinkly. It feels uncomfortable if I don't apply eye cream around my eye. When I was younger, I never thought I would worry about wrinkles, but this aging is something inevitable. I'm looking at eye wrinkle cream reviews to check out the best eye wrinkle cream to get that is gentle to the skin as I've got a somewhat sensitive skin. I know I can't control aging but at least I can delay wrinkles using the right cream.

The Heat of Summer

I was clearing up my bathroom closet and I can't believe how much adult acne products I've accumulated in the past. I've tried so many products and wasted money in the process before I found the right one that really works for me. I used to get really bad acne with my oily skin and until now I still get breakouts from time to time. I love the warm summer weather but my face doesn't like the heat, so I use anti-acne products to protect my skin from breakouts. With my acne protection I can still enjoy the heat of summer.

On the Right Track

I've been back to the gym again after being away for several days. I'm struggling to get my groove back though but I'm working on it. Every time I hit the scales the more I get the drive to go back and workout some more. A matter of few absences from working out really makes a difference. I feel bloated again and it's getting hard to button my pants again, not to mention the feeling of sluggishness too. Anyway, with the rate I'm going it looks like I'm on the right track once more. Today I went out biking around the neighborhood too which is really fun at the same time. Hopefully I get into the waistline I'm going for soon, lol.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Choosing the Right Acne Product

I'm no teens anymore but I still get that nasty acne once in a while. Now that the hot weather is here again, I'm sure that I'm gonna have breakouts too. I hate that I still have to deal with this problem at my age, but its good to know that there are lots of acne treatment out there that I can access anytime like acnepril. Also reviews on acne products help a great deal too, it makes it easier to choose the right product that will help.

Such a Waste of Paper

I've been so pre-occupied with lots of things lately that I've got no time to go through my mails anymore. Each day I get tons of catalogs, flyers, life insurance quotes, ads, coupons, and what have you. I just pick out the bills and set aside the rest that are not really urgent but still needs my attention and toss the junk in the recyclables. I can't believe how much papers are wasted from the catalogs alone that I just toss in the trash without even flipping through them. I always go online anyway for just about anything that I want or need to know, so catalogs from the snail mail are not necessary anymore. I just hope these companies will stop sending me stuffs I don't need already.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pigging Out with Girlfriends

It's funny how Filipinas in US love to get-together as often as their schedules permit. These get-togethers involve not only lots of exchanges of stories but lots of food to chew as well. Like I meet with my girlfriends often so I get to eat Filipino dishes that I haven't eaten in a while so pigging out is expected. Then we would complain about gaining weight and packing on bulges in the tummy. Maybe next time we should also serve diet pills for women to offset the calorie intake, lol.

Vitamins and Workouts

I have been getting exhausted quite easily lately. It's probably because of being remiss in taking my vitamins and iron pills. And also because I haven't been getting enough exercise thus my stamina is really way low. I used to withstand staying up so late several nights in a row and still accomplish a lot with my online work. But now I just couldn't get as much done as before because I get tired easily like I'm taking some natural sleep aid that makes me hit the sack early. I have to put things in the right perspective starting with regularly taking my vitamins. I started going to the gym again after my workout schedule got interrupted with other priorities.

Enjoying the Backyard More

Geez, it is true what they say, there are no two similar days in New England. Yesterday was one great day, in fact my son enjoyed a dip in his pool with his little friends. But today was a completely different story, we had a scary thunder storm in the afternoon I had to unplug all our appliances. Summer is just around the corner and I expect to be spending a lot of times in the backyard with my son. Hopefully the weather will get much better, that is more sun and less rain. I also wish we had an outdoor fireplace so we can stay out longer in the backyard and enjoy some roasted marshmallows and smores. My son loves the outdoor and camping in the backyard is something he is looking forward to.