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Friday, October 21, 2011

Safety Over Money

On my last trip to my dealer for my car's regular oil change, I also asked them to look at my tire that was slowly leaking. I hated pumping air like every two days. I also asked that they check my emergency break as it was not working properly anymore. There was one time that I drove a good distance with my emergency break still on. I didn't feel any dragging at all so that break was really useless! After waiting for two hours and seeing too many cars come and go on automobile lifts, I decided to just ask for a service car that I could use to get me home and relax. It was a good call as it took them three more hours to get everything done. They changed the break shoe and plugged the nail hole on the tire and also suggested to replace the four wheels in time for winter. It's so expensive to maintain a car, no kidding. But it doesn't matter really, safety is always important.

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