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Monday, March 31, 2008

Close Encounter With Giada

Italian food is one of my favorite dishes and I'm an avid fan of Everyday Italian hosted by Giada de Laurentiis at Food TV Network. I'd say that my cooking is mostly inspired by her recipes which are very simple and easy to make. I don't like very fussy and complicated dishes, I always go for the more convenient and practical ways to prepare meals for my family.

In 2006 when I learned that she's coming to MA to do book signing, I was very eager to go to see her face to face. I went with my girlfriend Lea to The Mall at Chestnut Hill
in Sur La Table where she did the book signing. A lot of cooking aficionados showed up and we waited in line for hours to have our cookbooks signed by Giada. She's very pretty and petite and very nice, she answered questions from the fans. I remembered I just tried to cook a fish dish of hers where she used Tilapia, but I told her I used Salmon instead, she beamed and told me "there you go, it's good with other fish too."


  1. Hey, thanks to me you met her! LOL Or should I say "thanks to my email subscription from Sur La Table". :)

    Definitely Maybe!
    Not Another Blog...

  2. hi mira, parang napanood ko na rin si Giada sa "Cuisine TV" same channel w/ the two popular Bristish cook Jamie Oliver & Nigella. wink*

    Will add this one to my blog now.

  3. Barb - good you mentioned that, I've been thinking last night where I got the info about her book signing. Gosh I was tinkering in this site too late, I couldn't think straight, LOL. Yeah thanks to you of course for letting me know that she's coming to town, it made my day really when I met her.

  4. Amy - I sometimes watch Jamie Oliver and Nigella too. They're part of the TV Network channel. Hay naku we should all get together with Barb, Lanie, Agring, and Carlotz. I'm sure we can make a big feast from all our cookings, LOL.

  5. wow- ha so lucky! she's my fave too. not just so pretty really good chef. hehehe. love italian food. paborito ko talaga yan.

  6. She's as pretty as you Carlotz, lol. When you come over I will treat you to a nice Italian resto in Boston!