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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Come Home with Bed Bugs

Before our little boy came, my hb and I loved to travel a lot even if it was not summer vacation. We could drive to New York in a spur of the moment when we felt like watching a Broadway show or to Canada when we wanted to take a breather from busy schedules. We stayed in different hotels from three stars to five stars. Everywhere we went we brought home different souvenirs but one thing we didn't like bringing home were bedbugs. Despite some hotels appearing to be spotless, bedbugs could be anywhere like under the bed or behind the furniture. I heard about how difficult it is to treat bedbugs and I know it costs thousands to get rid of them once your home get infested by it, not to mention the skin diseases you may get as well. So now that hb travels every three weeks as required by his new work, I won't allow bedbugs to get a chance to cling to his luggage and come home with him and infest our home.

I saw at these bed BugZip travel products that will help prevent bed bugs to attach to luggage while in hotels where bedbugs are commonly acquired from. BugZip Bed Bug Resistant Luggage and Clothing Encasement are designed to protect the luggage; clothing; and other personal belongings from bed bugs and critters as they are tightly zipped and durable and will prevent the bedbugs to cling to the luggage. BugZip come in different sizes and can safeguard large suitcases; carry-on luggage and garment bags from bed bugs. With the use of BugZip I can now have peace of mind that my hb won't bring home bedbugs from his trips. BugZip is definitely a great solution and safeguard to preventing bedbugs to come home with my hb's luggage and other belongings. Aside from BugZip Travel encasement, there are still other great bed bug products from North Shore Care that I'm also interested in like
mattress encasement, bed bug monitors, PackTite Bed Bug Heater and more.

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