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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food Here Is Much Better

Since I arrived here in the Philippines for my two-month vacay, we've been treated to lunches and dinners by our good friends and some new friends. When Filipinos get together, it's always with sumptuous food involved. Here are the few restos that I remember going to - Recipes; Banana Leaf; Haiku; Persian Resto; Dencio's Grill; Mushroom Burger; Aussie Resto; Gerry's Grill; Almon Marina; Friday's; Tony Roma's; Italiani's; and a lot more. My hb has been complaining that since he's back to a three-meal-a-day routine again, his waistline is getting bigger again. Unlike when I left for this vacay ahead of him, he sort of regulated his food intake and only ate one full meal a day and few small snacks. When you're married to a Filipina you should expect to eat a lot,lol. Well, hb confessed that the food in restos here are far better than in US, and there are a lot of choices too. And I of course agreed to that big time!

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