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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fish Pond in the Backyard

We had lunch with my parents at Dencio's Grill in Tagaytay yesterday. That was our second time to dine there, the first time was two years ago. It was not only a great place to eat but it has a nice view of the famous Taal Volcano at the background as well. But since it has been raining the past days, it was colder in Tagaytay and a bit foggy so we didn't get a good look of the volcano. So my son contented himself to watching the gold fish at the other side of the resto instead. When it was time to leave, my son was still fascinated with the fish and wouldn't like to go with us. As young as my son is, he is already asking for a pet fish. I guess fish is a better alternative to having another dog to train. Another pet dog can wait when my son is old enough to care for one. My hb and I are now thinking of building fish ponds in our backyard to grant the wishes of our son. Hopefully we'll get pond pumps and other supplies in the pond supplies soon.

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