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Friday, November 13, 2009

Freak Accident

I had a freak accident over the weekend, I fell down the stairs in the garage and it really hurt. My little son and I were in a hurry to leave to attend the 12 noon mass. My right foot slipped and I twisted my body for trying to break the fall. I fell hard on my right side. My right ankle, right arm and right hip are still sore and bruised until now. The day after my accident, I didn't feel like going out at all even if I promised to bring him to the playground. My son and I got stuck at home. I didn't care about the mess and chaotic sight of his toys and books all over the floor and sofas because I was in pain. I took it easy, I was in my pj the whole day and didn't even bother to get the mail.

And what's worse, while nursing a sore body, I was also busy munching sweets. For some reasons I craved for sweets and finished a big container of caramel popcorn with pecans and almonds. I feel bloated literally and seriously need to get out of my sedentary mode. I've been trying to get back in the gym for the longest time, I'm not even into any sports anymore. I wish there is a
ping pong table I can use to get my sweat glands working for a little bit. Anyway, hopefully by next week I can really get around driving to the gym and formally enroll. My girlfriends have been bugging me already, and there's a new gf I've met who's also into Zumba whom I promised to join with on the next class. I wish I'll be much better then.

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