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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Ever since my mom's diagnosis wtih osteoporosis in 2002, I have taken precaution by taking calcium supplements. I kind of anticipated that it could be hereditary so I took preventive measures right away. Prevention is better than cure as they say. Actually in the recent months I thought I was having symptoms of osteoporosis just like the way I pictured how my mom felt pain on her shoulder and neck. So I went to my doctor for consultation and hopefully for a bone density procedure. But he just prescribed a good dosage of pain reliever that I should take for two weeks. But my pain went away only after a day of medication. And I learned too that bone density is not covered by insurance unless I'm already at menopausal stage. So I'll just wait till then to have the procedure done so I won't need to spend unnecessarily. After all it's false alarm so I should not worry about it. Hopefully I won't get that problem anymore.

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