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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quiet Down

My hb works from home most of the time. He's got an office upstairs where he's usually tied up in Conference calls with co-workers or clients from other states. Just before his every call he would remind me to keep my son quiet and away from his office. My son is always energetic, excitable and can be really loud. So if my hb says he's got meeting in few minutes, that's the cue to keep quiet so I would keep my son occupied with anything to quiet him down.

Treasure Hunt Play

My son loves pretend play. He loves playing a pirate in a treasure hunt. When we went to the mall last week he saw a t-shirt that comes with toy binoculars, rifle scopes, compass and watch and he just couldn't let go of it. It was not in my plan to buy him a new shirt with all these gadgets but I just couldn't resist his begging eyes. Now he's got sort of real scope to look at instead of just an empty paper towel roll.

Easy Way Out

Spring is just around the corner and soon I'll be wearing light clothing again. Don't get me wrong, I know there are so much to look forward to in spring but I don't feel like giving up my heavy winter coats just yet. That might sound crazy right? When other people are ready to get rid and put away all winter clothes I'm not one of those. It is because I wouldn't have anything to hide my fat belly with, ha ha. I don't want to flaunt my fat belly so I'd rather hide in heavy winter clothes. I should probably use adapexin to get rid of my fat fast but I'm not really sure how effectively that works. Here I go again trying to choose the easy way out. It's about time to go back to the gym!

Giving in to Cravings

In a desperate attempt to lose weight some people would be lax to notice the lipozene side effects and just focus on its enticing promises to burn fat. But I read that it doesn't have fat burning mechanisms. In my case all I need is an appetite suppressant pill that would tell me that I'm not hungry anymore so I shouldn't eat anymore. Normally my mouth just crave for something to eat usually sweets, even if my stomach is already full, and then I give in to the craving.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maximize Workout Result

My hb started the year good by going to they gym regularly. Then he had to out of the country and stopped for a while and lost his momentum. Now that he's back he hasn't been back to the gym too. He just couldn't get his motivation back. I saw this pill online that helps maximize workout results and I feel like introducing it to my hb. In as much as he also wanted to lose weight and be at his best weight, I'm not sure he'd be good at taking creatine.

Good Motivation

It's the end of winter break so it means that next week, it is back to school once again. It also means that I have time to go back to the gym too. I need to go back badly as I feel so bloated again. I wish I could work out regularly so I wouldn't need to use weight loss supplement anymore But of course I always choose the easy way out. Last week I met somebody at a party who also goes to the same gym that I go to. She goes there regularly, good for her. She told me she wants to see me in the gym next week, she might be my workout buddy. That would be a good motivation.

Left Over Food

I hate food going to waste, so I try to cook food just enough for my family. But it's hard not to have left over once in a while especially when we also love to eat out and take home left over from the restaurant too. It's good that my hb doesn't mind eating recycle food, but not after few days in the fridge. I normally keep left over up to a week before I toss them in the garbage but since best food storage kits they keep longer in the fridge so I don't have to toss them right away.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of Riding a Motorcycle

I used to toy on the idea of riding my own motorcycle when I was younger but didn't get the chance to even ride one by myself. When I went on vacation to the Philippines in the summer of 2009, I was amazed at how much motorcycles I saw on the road. They were the most convenient form of transportation considering how bad the traffic could get in the main thoroughfare in the city. But I thought the the local government was to lax in allowing too many kinds of transportation on the road , I thought they're not helping ease the traffic but just making it even worse. People on motorcycles just popped out from all directions mostly very young teenagers. I wonder if they had motorcycle insurance because I noticed how they can be too daring on the road. I guess, I'll just stick to driving a car rather than riding a motorcycle alongside reckless drivers on the road.

Huge Relief

Have you experienced having the need to call someone very badly on your cellphone but sadly you're on a dead spot and couldn't get a signal? It makes you wish you have a cellular booster so you wouldn't be out of signal ever again. The last time it happened to me was when I was on my way to a friend's house which I haven't been to before and my GPS couldn't get any satellite while my phone couldn't capture a signal, double whammy! It's a good thing that another friend who was going to the same place saw me on the way and I followed him to our destination. It was such a huge relief.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Neat Record Organizer

I get a lot of mails everyday mostly investments statements, bills and important documents. The most recent documents I file in the second drawer of my computer table for easy access when I need them and the old ones I neatly put away in the closet in the upstairs home office. I would only keep financial records up to seven years at the most, and then shred them later, but my husband wouldn't want to get rid of them. So I've come to a point when I'm already fed up keeping them. It would be neat to have a scanner software that would organize our financial records and other important documents to a database that we can access anytime we want with just clicks in the computer rather than going through boxes of files. Not a bad idea.

Looking For Boots

I've been browsing through a site on womens boots but still couldn't decide which one to go for. There are just tons of designs and brands to choose from so I'm kind of going back and forth on it. But I'm pretty sure that what I wanted to buy was a branded pair that is also on sale. I never buy anything on regular price anyway. It's not that I'm being cheap, it's just that I'm being wise and a responsible shopper. Who would resist a half price off the tab? Not me!