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Friday, October 31, 2008

Korean Food and Japanese Sushi

Hi folks, we discovered another resto around town, actually it's recommended by one of our friends, it's called Korean King BBQ in Canton, MA. They serve a buffet of Korean dishes and Japanese sushi, yummy! We tried it out last Sunday after mass, and they've got pretty good selections. We came just before opening at 11:30am and the place got crowded easily. Here are some of the stuffs I got - different kinds of sushi, potato noodles, marinated tofu, dumplings and more.


  1. that's a yummy selection! am getting hungry just looking at it (and it's still early morning here! lol).

    thanks for playing again, Mira! :)
    happy weekend

  2. Ahhh... those are my favorites! This is only the disadvantage of visiting food blog. It makes you crave for food being posted! Wahhhhh..! I wanna visit Saisaki soon!

  3. Wow, those foods are so yummy at nakakamiss din ang noodles/pansit canton sa pinas. I am not fan of sushi though but they are so healthy and nutritious.

  4. My son loves sushi and can finish a platter of it. He has a Korean friend who shares with him kimchi, bibibap and sometimes, bulgogi. There's a new resto here in Greenhills which serves their sushi on tiny trains. The name is Kenji. Hope you can try it out when you come home next year. I'm sure your son would love the experience. Mine did.

  5. these are one of alyssa's fav. too! naka kagutom tingnan:)