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Friday, November 21, 2008

Food For Sleep Deprived

Sleep is golden. Study shows that sleep deprivation is bad for women and can have real impacts on a person's overall health. If you are sleep deprived because of blogging ;-) here are some food that can help you regulate your sleep as well as food that should be avoided for they will keep you awake.

Do eat bananas or starchy foods such as potatoes or cereal and eat them four hours before bedtime. Some people say pasta helps them sleep better when they are stressed, which makes sense because carbs can raise serotonin.

Also, combine unsweetened carbs with protein. High carbs and low protein snacks seem to help the brain use tryptophan, which you may recognize from your Thanksgiving turkey coma. The combination produces more sedating serotonin.

Other good snacks for sleep include: apple slices with peanut butter; small bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk; and crackers topped with turkey slivers.

Not all foods will cart you off to Dreamland. Some, like rich or spicy foods, can give you insomnia. They can give you heartburn when you lie down. Also, sweets are a stimulant, so you shouldn't eat them within four hours of bedtime. And while decaf sounds innocent, almost all decaf has enough "caf" left in it to keep you up. Go for herbal tea instead.

Exercising at Night is bad
False: If you do it in the early evening, for example between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. about three times a week, exercise actually can help you sleep. If you go to bed a bit later than most folks, just remember to get your workout within three hours of bedtime.

Eating dinner by candlelight will help you sleep.
True: Not only is it romantic, but it does make you drowsy. You need to spend more time in dim light before bed in order to prepare for sleep.

Drinking alcohol at night helps put you to sleep.
False: This is a bad idea because while the alcohol may make you sleepy at first, it can wake you up later in the evening


  1. "Exercising at Night is bad" - As long as it is as your wrote, 3-4 hrs before going to bed! :)

    Good blog post :)

  2. I tried the slice of apply with chocolate dip at night and some time but or anytime on the day. Night time exercise is good after dinner.

  3. ano ba yan na apply naman yong word instead of apple

  4. thanks for sharing
    i suffer a little bit of insomia
    a little bit coz it can be
    good tips ...thanks again

  5. @Leo - thanks for the compliment. Yeah exercise can be done at night as long as within 3 hrs of bedtime.

    @Lanie - I usually eat my apples with cottage cheese during the day.

    @Faye - I hope these tips can help you regulate your sleep, thanks for your comment.

  6. This is interesting. I*m going to share this helpful info with my mom. She never sleeps anymore.

  7. hello mira,

    happy 1st advent you and family.........

    nagugutom ako dito, ang daming masarap na pagkain.....

    cgi, want only so greet the 1st advent and say our warmest regards to you n family too.

  8. I used to exercise about 9pm for about 15 to 30 mins. It helps me to sleep better.