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Saturday, October 3, 2009

In a Shopping Mood

It's good to be back home again, though I'm not thrilled at the chores waiting for me to get done. Just imagine how it is to come back to a house that has not been cleaned for two months. I haven't stopped cleaning since Wednesday night, I only grabbed a few winks here and there, then went back to my date with the vacuum cleaner and duster again. Anyway, I look forward to unpacking a luggage-full of native Christmas decors that I bought in Manila. They are export over-runs so I got them at very cheap price tag. So part of my holiday to-do-list has been taken care of, all I need to do is list down the holiday gifts that I need to get for loved ones and friends. Every year I planned to get gifts in advance to avoid the crowds in shopping malls, but unfortunately that seldom happens, so I hope this year I can really shop in advance. After all I'm still in a shopping mood since coming back from our vacation.

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