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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Determined to Lose Weight

If only the determination to lose weight is contagious, I wish I would catch my hb's extreme focus in working out. He's been on fire I must say since the turning of the new year. He goes to the gym three times a week and he works out for at least two hours. We went together the first time with our son. The gym has a play area where you can leave the toddlers while you exercise. The gym used to have a baby sitter that takes $5 an hour to watch the kids. But they don't have it anymore, so the kids are just left in the play area by themselves which makes me uncomfortable. So I just couldn't concentrate on my work out because I check on my son every few minutes. So while my hb is getting in his goal weight, I on the other hand is checking on fat burning product reviews in my attempt to keep up. I couldn't get on my work out regimen regularly so I might as well get some help from slimming pills.

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