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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Health Scare

I had a health scare on Tuesday. I was in the bathroom getting ready for my son's swimming class when I suddenly sort of paralyzed. I stooped down and couldn't bring myself up and straight again! I was able to baby walk myself out of the bathroom and held tight on the door and screamed for help. My hb was busy grinding coffee beans in the kitchen so he couldn't hear a thing. When he finally heard me, he rushed upstairs and carried me by the armpit and helped me get on the bed. I couldn't hold my frame up, it was so painful. It could have muscle spasms, it happens to me a lot, but this is the worst. I sometimes get stiffed neck, or joint pain, but nothing as painful and as disabling as this one.

When I went to my doctor for neck pain before, I thought it might have been a symptom of osteoporosis, my mom has it so I might get it too. But a simple prescription of naproxen took all the pain away. I also think that I might just lack exercise and I might need to move my body to loosen up some joints and muscle, like I don't move being a multi-tasking mom! Some kid me that I might just have arthritis, but it's no joke at all. Anyway, I just hope I won't get to a point where I would need arthritis knee brace to move, yay! But on the second thought, it's good that we have these kind of braces and support for people with knee problem.

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