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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love My Garmin GPS

I remember that Christmas two years ago when my hb asked me what I wanted for Christmas, a Blackberry or a GPS. I didn't choose either, but opted for a new camcorder. But hb bought one Garmin GPS for himself, and soon enough I realized that it was the best invention ever. I used to rely on mapquest to get directions to places I haven't been to yet. More often than not, it gave a somewhat wrong list of directions. But the GPS we've got two years ago was put to the test when we used it for the first time to get to hb's friend's house which we haven't been to ever. And right there and then I became a big fan. So I asked my hb to buy me one too, I was lucky I got two Christmas gifts that year. We've upgraded our Garmin GPS since then and I'd say I became very confident driving to new places but also became dependent on it.

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