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Friday, April 8, 2011

16 and Pregnant

Guest post from: Marion Slater

I think one of the most interesting shows on television is "16 and Pregnant." This is one of the most tragic shows to watch, but it also shows how teens deal with being young mothers. I love watching this show on my satellite tv from for how it exposes me to all the different realities that teens have to face when they get pregnant. Teens truly have to deal with so many struggles when they get pregnant too young. This show exposes that hard reality.

I think this show is interesting, because it offers the perspectives of fathers and mothers. Young fathers also have a lot of stress to deal with, when they choose to impregnate a young woman. Young fathers always end up having to pay child support, which costs thousands of dollars. All too often, the young mothers do not have the financial stability to support their children and they have to take up a second job. It is so sad to see how hard these mothers have to work at such a young age. I am always amazed to see how young mothers can do so much and still manage to raise young children. I think it is so remarkable and that these young mothers surely deserve a gold medal of some sort! I hope this show encourages young women to not get pregnant.

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