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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love Sale

I went to the store yesterday to use my 30% off coupon before it expires that day. I didn't really have a clue what to buy, I just went there to browse and see what they have. It was the first time I've set foot on that store after the holiday rush, and it was as quiet as a cemetery. I started browsing through the clearance rack for women's clothes and nothing really caught my interest. I purposely didn't pass by the kitchen section otherwise I'll be coming home with bagfuls of items again, and I don't have space for new kitchenware anymore.

And the next best thing in the store is the Children's section. They have tons of toys and baby clothes that were on sale. Though I have a son, I always gravitate towards the girls clothes because they're so adorable and cute. I guess it was just my wishful thinking to have another baby girl but that's not gonna happen. I ended up buying pants and educational toys which my son is into right now. I saved quite a lot, I love sale.

Health Scare

I had a health scare on Tuesday. I was in the bathroom getting ready for my son's swimming class when I suddenly sort of paralyzed. I stooped down and couldn't bring myself up and straight again! I was able to baby walk myself out of the bathroom and held tight on the door and screamed for help. My hb was busy grinding coffee beans in the kitchen so he couldn't hear a thing. When he finally heard me, he rushed upstairs and carried me by the armpit and helped me get on the bed. I couldn't hold my frame up, it was so painful. It could have muscle spasms, it happens to me a lot, but this is the worst. I sometimes get stiffed neck, or joint pain, but nothing as painful and as disabling as this one.

When I went to my doctor for neck pain before, I thought it might have been a symptom of osteoporosis, my mom has it so I might get it too. But a simple prescription of naproxen took all the pain away. I also think that I might just lack exercise and I might need to move my body to loosen up some joints and muscle, like I don't move being a multi-tasking mom! Some kid me that I might just have arthritis, but it's no joke at all. Anyway, I just hope I won't get to a point where I would need arthritis knee brace to move, yay! But on the second thought, it's good that we have these kind of braces and support for people with knee problem.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Missing Bedtime Regimen

I can't believe I'm checking on again. I need something effective to get rid of my pimples. My hormones are going crazy lately that I've got breakouts again. On top of that I haven't been religiously doing my facial regimen too. I always feel so tired at night due to my anemia that I would rather crash in bed after a tiring day than cleaning and washing my face. But I then regret not washing my face at least after seeing pimples the morning after. I easily get breakouts, I've got sensitive skin so I should not be remiss in doing my bedtime regimen, you think? Well after a long day of housekeeping and mothering who wouldn't like to just crash in bed?

Determined to Lose Weight

If only the determination to lose weight is contagious, I wish I would catch my hb's extreme focus in working out. He's been on fire I must say since the turning of the new year. He goes to the gym three times a week and he works out for at least two hours. We went together the first time with our son. The gym has a play area where you can leave the toddlers while you exercise. The gym used to have a baby sitter that takes $5 an hour to watch the kids. But they don't have it anymore, so the kids are just left in the play area by themselves which makes me uncomfortable. So I just couldn't concentrate on my work out because I check on my son every few minutes. So while my hb is getting in his goal weight, I on the other hand is checking on fat burning product reviews in my attempt to keep up. I couldn't get on my work out regimen regularly so I might as well get some help from slimming pills.

Buying in Bulk

I'm very careful when it comes to food storage. I have a big pantry which gives me an excuse sometimes to be in a buying spree to fill up, and believe me it's always full. I buy in bulk especially canned goods to save money. I organize the canned goods in such a way that the ones expiring soon are in the front so I can use them early enough before they expire. I buy meat in bulk too. I partition the meat in packages depending on how much I use each time I cook. I have a food vacuum sealer to keep the meat in small packages before I stow then away in the freezer. Buying in bulk saves money as long as you know how to store them properly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love My Garmin GPS

I remember that Christmas two years ago when my hb asked me what I wanted for Christmas, a Blackberry or a GPS. I didn't choose either, but opted for a new camcorder. But hb bought one Garmin GPS for himself, and soon enough I realized that it was the best invention ever. I used to rely on mapquest to get directions to places I haven't been to yet. More often than not, it gave a somewhat wrong list of directions. But the GPS we've got two years ago was put to the test when we used it for the first time to get to hb's friend's house which we haven't been to ever. And right there and then I became a big fan. So I asked my hb to buy me one too, I was lucky I got two Christmas gifts that year. We've upgraded our Garmin GPS since then and I'd say I became very confident driving to new places but also became dependent on it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Out of Season

I went to the store today to buy my son a pair of swimming trunks but of course I couldn't find any since they are still out of season. I expected to find them in a sporting goods store but to my surprise they didn't have any. I wish there was a store that only sells swimming gears just like an outdoor thingy store like uncle mikes. But I don't have a clue if we have such a store around here. Tomorrow is my son's first day of swimming class for the third session and he's trunks are already small, but he just have to do with them for now.

Back to Business As Usual

After the very hectic New Year celebration, I don't feel like lifting a finger at all. I just want to take it easy and relax. I feel like having full body massage or just soak in warm bath in one of those soaking tubs. Though the merriment and partying are over, today starts the business as usual. I'm following a structured schedule again. I have to wake up early in the morning again to get my little guy ready for school and his swimming class. And of course I have to get on the chores that I have set aside in a while. It's overwhelming.