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Friday, August 8, 2008

Craving For Pancake

I'm not a usual pancake eater for breakfast, I usually go for oatmeal or cereals, but I suddenly craved for this fluffy pancake smothered with butter and syrup, slurp! Here's my entry to Food Friday.


  1. hmmmm ... it has been a few weeks now since we've had pancakes. suddenly am craving for it! :)

    thanks for joining this week, sis!
    happy weekend

  2. The pancake mix is on top of our grocery list this week -- brother's craving on it like crazy! =) I am not much into pancakes, but I prefer mine with hotdogs or grated cheese on top.

    Here's my Food Friday this week.

  3. Ang cute ng butter! =) Hopefully we can cook this one, too!

    It's my first time for this blog to join FF. Here's our entry. Happy Weekends!

  4. I love pancakes too. I like it more when there's salted egg on top with chesse and butter. Yum-yum!

  5. Omg! I keep on committing blunders.
    That anonymous is me.
    Btw, would you now how I can change the image shown on my ec? I want to have my own url image on the box. please help! thanks.

  6. after seeing your post, i suddenly craved for pancake. yummy!

  7. hi sis! me natira pa ba sa pancake?

    happy FF!

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  9. Nice! And I thought and I am the only one who sometimes have a pancake craving too. When I have it, I usually go to our neighborhood diner and order a short stack.