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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Online Public Safety Degree

I salute the people like the police men, fire fighter, emergency medical services to name a few, who are putting their safety on the line to protect the people like us in the community. Assuring public safety involves many challenges so these professionals should have a deep understanding of the society we live in and the confidence and creative mind to handle threats to our safety and security.

So for the professionals in the law enforcement; emergency medical services; fire services; disaster response; or communication, who are looking for a place that will help them equip themselves with the skills they need to effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of public safety. Lewis University has a long standing reputation for leadership in the field of criminal and social justice that offers online public safety degree that includes curriculum that will greatly expand the ability for creative thinking and innovative problem solving. This program will prepare the professionals to lead with confidence, communicate with authority, and inspire hope in times of crisis.

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