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Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Vacation

I'm busy getting ready for our short trip to NJ and PA. I put all the stuffs we need on the kitchen counter as I remember them. Though of course I always make a list of the things we need to bring, it always helps me to get things before I forget. I can forgetful sometimes. But since we're taking our SUV, it wouldn't hurt to bring extra of some stuffs. I was looking for my son's baby bag but I couldn't find it anywhere, I looked in all the closets even at the door hangers in each rooms but no baby bag. Finally while I was pulling the hamper in the master closet, there it was at the bottom shelf neatly put away. My son has his own small luggage and carry on [the baby bag] for his toiletries and bedtime pull-ups. There are still a lot to do, it's a bummer that this cold is bothering me right now.

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