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Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking Forward to the Wicked

The love for watching broadway shows is just one of the things that my hb and I have in common. When we went to New York in February to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary it was one of our plans to watch a show but this time a kid-oriented one. We wanted to expose our son to broadway shows as well so we planned to watch The Lion King. But unfortunately, our son was too young to get accepted into the theaters. I was very disappointed more than my son did because I really thought he would love that show. Anyway, we also wanted to see the Wicked. It's a good thing that it also runs in Boston so we don't need to go to New York anymore. Also I could just ask my good friend to baby sit for my son since we're just gonna be gone for few hours. Hb is already looking into theater tickets to buy so hopefully before my son's pre-school starts we could watch the show.

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