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Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Time for Browsing

I am in a rush to complete my Christmas shopping. I normally do it while my little one is in school. So to maximize my time, my strategy is to get in the store, look for what I want on the list, pay and go. I don't have time to browse through the aisles and look for whatever is on sale that I may need, well that is if I can help it. When I fall for the 'browsing' thingy, I would waste at least a couple of hours. The other day I spent a long while in the Women's Hats section trying on different winter hats. My head is kinda big so the hats that I really liked wouldn't fit me at all. They seemed to be for kids when they're in fact for adults. I should make do with the hats that I already have, I might look for a new hat when I'm done with the other priorities in my shopping list.

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