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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Operation Picture Wall

I have so many projects to do at home. Aside from decking the halls with Christmas decors, I also have picture frames to hang and scrapbook projects to get done. I will now remove all the frames displayed in the living room and around the house and put them in identical frames and hang on the wall by the stairs. It's kinda awkward to hammer nails on the wall while standing on uneven stairs. I actually got almost hit by a nail that jump out of my fingers while trying to hammer it in. So now I use protective glasses to protect my eyes from getting hurt just in case similar incident happens again. As of now I already put 6 frames on the wall, and I love looking at them, admiring all the memories and the art of collage pictures on the wall. I call my project, Picture Wall. I got several positive compliments from friends who have seen them.

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