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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wake Up Call

I badly need diet pills that actually work right now. I am at myheaviest weight ever, I can't believe I would be weight as much as 140 lbs! I'm always very skinny especially my arms and legs. For my 5'4" height, my ideal weight is only 120 lbs. For the longest time, my weight had been stuck at 128 lbs. which is not bad at all, till we went to so many places for our summer vacation including England and Italy. Before the vacation, I even managed to religiously attend Zumba at the gym on top of working out at least twice a week. But after the vacation, everything has been neglected. No more Zumba, no more workout and too much eating of sweets. So from 128 lbs, I shoot up to 140 lbs. Last night when we went out to dinner with friends for a going-away dinner of one friend, the pictures taken of me became a wake-up call. I looked so big and fat. I need to control my food intake and get back to the gym or else I won't stop growing big.

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