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Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking Charge of Health

It's been a while since we got back from vacation and still my weight is not getting to where it was before I left. Well the problem is I couldn't bring myself to my usual eating habit of eating less but frequent. And also the fact that I haven't gone back to working out adds up to the problem. I heard that doing colon cleanse will help in weight loss as it cleans out all the built up harmful waste and toxins in the body so it makes me want to try it. I want to take charge of my health and be wary of the food that I eat, but it would be nice to start on a clean slate minus the toxins in the body.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Exciting Reunion

So my best friend and I have been planning to have a reunion for a long time. About five years ago, we visited her in her North Carolina house but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the outer banks to bum in the beach, that would have a lot of fun. Having come from tropical weathered country, we both love hanging in the beach. This time it would be an exciting reunion if it ever pushes through because unlike the last time when I didn't have a kid of my own, this time my best friend's daughter will have a little playmate too. They haven't seen my son who is already 4 years old now. I'm sure this reunion will be an exciting one.

Anyway, my friend has recommended staying in one of the Carolina Designs
Outer Banks vacation rental by the ocean front. I like it that there many fun family activities that we could do in the outer banks like swimming, surfing, hang gliding, para-sailing, biking, fishing, crabbing, golfing, water skiing, and kite flying. We love taking tours and learn about the rich history of many famous historical places and in the outer banks we can visit places like the Whalehead Hunt Club and Wright Brother's Memorial. I'm so looking forward to this beach vacation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dealing With Acne Scar

Who hasn't gone to that awkward stage during puberty when you get annoying and embarrassing acne breakouts? Well I didn't escape that stage too and it was really stressful when you were a free-spirited teenager. I took after my mom's oily skin so I was prone to acne too. My mom had some acne scar on her face and so am I. That's why I also used acne scar cream to even out the imperfections on my face. Now though I still get breakouts every now and then, it's not as stressful as when I was a teenager anymore.

The Downside to Oily Skin

The time we came back from our vacation, I was so relieved to finally get into a cool and nice weather. The extreme heat in Italy really took a toll on my skin. I had rashes on my arms and legs and my acne hormones acted up on my chest and chin. It's hard when you have very oily skin, you get really prone to acne. But the good thing is, I have skin products that I use regularly to fight acne. Now I'm just glad my skin is back to being clear and smooth.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No More Italian Food Please ( For Now)

Ever since we arrived from our European vacation, I've been trying so hard to stay away from too much carbohydrates. I packed so much weight in barely two weeks of eating yummy pasta and pizza in Italy. I may need Appetite suppressant diet pills to effectively stop my craving for Italian food. But I just love Italian dishes, they're my all-time favorite. I even cooked Spaghetti Pomodoro the week we arrived from Italy, can't get enough of Italy, ha ha. So my last shot to losing the weight I gained from vacation is the best appetite suppressant diet pills.

Protection from Electronic Pickpockets

You can never be too careful at this time and age. Unscrupulous people multiply like mushrooms and their ingenuity gets more and more clever each time. Who would have thought that they could copy your credit card or debit card information without even getting hold of them? With the gadgets they invent, how can we ever protect ourselves from electronic pickpockets or identity theft? I saw this ad online about rfid wallet that serves as a security sleeve that protects credit card numbers from being stolen, what a great invention.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bone Density Check

I'm guilty of being lazy to take my daily multi-vitamins and iron pills in the morning. I rarely get sick but when I get sick I'm really down. My visit to my doctor for an annual physical has long been overdue too. I should make an appointment for that this coming week. I need to have a bone density check, not that I have any problem with my bone, but since my mom is suffering from osteoporosis I feel that I need to get checked for that too. I should not be remiss with taking the best vitamins with calcium so I won't have any problem with osteoporosis. But even then just for peace of mind, I need to get my bone density checked.

No More Acne and Rashes

After we arrived from our vacation in Italy, I was almost sure I was gonna have an acne breakout again. I have a very oily skin so the heat in Italy really aggravated it. I actually had rashes on my arms and legs, and I could see small red bumps on my chest and chin. But it's a good thing that I always keep acne skin care products on hand so that prevented things from going overboard. Now my face is free from acne issues and my rashes are also gone.

I Love Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is not as difficult as it used to when my little boy was only about two or three years old. It used to be hard to keep him seated in the cart, so my shopping time took twice longer than it should be. Now that he's four he listens better and stay in the cart for most times. But when my local grocery started the use of individual barcode scanner, it became even better. In my opinion the barcode scanner is the greatest invention of all, lol. I involve my son in the grocery shopping by letting him scan all the items I get, so that keeps him still in the cart. I involve him too in weighing produce by letting him push the button in the digital weighing scale. It's also educational because he can recall his numbers as I dictate to him the numbers to input. I enjoy grocery shopping even more now, there's no idle moment for me and my little one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Great Kitchen Deals

In the current economic situation where security is very shaky, it pays to be very frugal and spend wisely. Nobody can predict how long this problem will last, so it's up to us to be responsible spenders. As a mom I try to stick my spending to what is necessary and what we need rather than what we want. When I shop, I always look for the best deal and never pay the regular price. When I need to buy something regardless of how much it costs I always look for discount coupons online to enjoy extra savings.

I'm very happy to always get coupons because I'm a sucker for anything about the kitchen. One thing that I've been dreaming to have is a set of All-Clad cookware set, but it's very pricey so I just couldn't afford to buy it. But because of coupons it looks like my dream will already come true. Imagine the almost $400 savings that I will get just by using coupons! Isn't that amazing? If I get this cookware set, I can get rid of all the old ones I have which means I'll have more room in my kitchen island. I so love these great kitchen deals.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where's My Island?

I was just busy sorting through the mails that accumulated for almost a month that we were gone on vacation. I've got two paper bags full of junk mails and I'm not even halfway yet. I received tons of catalogs and coupons; a few cheap auto insurance quote; offers for lawn care; ads on kids activities and donation flyers. I'm happy to have finished at least half of the mound of junk mails that have covered my kitchen island. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be gone from the island so I can use it for what it is really for, prepping food and eating breakfast.

How to Cap Summer

I can't get enough of summer. This summer was the funnest of all since we were able to travel far with our little one who is already four and can appreciate the places that we've visited. After our European escapade, I still feel like going on Branson vacations to cap the summer. I've heard so much about Branson, the many fun activities for adults and children alike that we can do there.

We all love the outdoors so the State Park Marina or Dogwood Canyon Nature Park would be a perfect place to explore. The little guy will surely enjoy the Ride the Ducks too as he loves riding boats. Of course not to forget the Miniature Golf Courses that I'm sure the little guy would be thrilled to try especially that one of the themes is Pirate's Cover Adventure Golf. We also love touring museums and the World's Largest Antique Toy Museum really interests me.

Anyway, the many attractions in Branson don't end when summer ends, the calendar of events extends way up to November so there are a lot of chances to catch the excitement of Branson.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking Forward to the Wicked

The love for watching broadway shows is just one of the things that my hb and I have in common. When we went to New York in February to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary it was one of our plans to watch a show but this time a kid-oriented one. We wanted to expose our son to broadway shows as well so we planned to watch The Lion King. But unfortunately, our son was too young to get accepted into the theaters. I was very disappointed more than my son did because I really thought he would love that show. Anyway, we also wanted to see the Wicked. It's a good thing that it also runs in Boston so we don't need to go to New York anymore. Also I could just ask my good friend to baby sit for my son since we're just gonna be gone for few hours. Hb is already looking into theater tickets to buy so hopefully before my son's pre-school starts we could watch the show.

Two Birds With One Stone

I always wanted to have a pair of those muscle toning mbt shoes so even if I'm not working out in the gym I could still get my legs toned. Well as a stay-at-home mom who is always on the go, I could hit two birds with one stone just by wearing a pair of mbt shoes. I have a lot on my plate that gym gets the last priority in my list. Honestly, I'm sort of just wasting money since my gym charges me with membership fees monthly whether I work out or not. And unfortunately I haven't been in the gym for three months now. So at least while wearing mbt shoes I'll still get some results on my legs which is great. This is a great invention.

Jacuzzi Time

Summer is almost over and cold season will be here soon. I haven't even got the chance to go to the beach or even swim in the pool. Though we've been to England and Rome for close to three weeks and another week in NJ and PA for our summer vacation, but still no 'summer water' involved for me. I guess I would just content myself in the jacuzzi and take a warm and relaxing dip to make up for the lost summer beach escapade. Yeah, we have a jacuzzi in our bathroom that we barely use. It's such a waste sometimes to think that I have used it only once last year and not at all this year. But now that I need to relax after an exhausting trip recently, I guess I'll see more of my jacuzzi this time.