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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's the Right Car For You?

It is usually daunting to choose the best car to buy, considering the numerous brands available in the market today. It is always best to compare the features and weigh options, rather than plunge into buying the first brand that caught your interest. If you haven't owned a car and want to buy one for the first time; or maybe you are replacing your old one with a new brand, is the best place to be. The Car Connection can help you make an informed decision as they give helpful and reliable reviews on different brands of cars. offers very informative opinions and observations from the experts who have researched and actually driven these cars themselves, to come up with the insights that may differ from other reviews. The editors at study, assemble and summarize available reviews and then provide conclusive review. Then a bottom line summary is provided based on reviewers' likes and dislikes of the features of the cars.

The reviewers liked Lexus RX for its smooth and controlled ride; the ownership experience; new remote touch controller has cutting-edge feel; and big boost to EPA city fuel-economy numbers. While the lexus are liked for their spacious back seat (for a convertible); cargo space; acceleration with 350C; good ride quality; and competitive price. Features to consider in buying chevrolet camaro are its standout styling; great V-6, six speed manual powertrain; powerful V-8 SS edition; and balanced, nimble handing. If you are gearing towards buying ford flex, the reviewers liked them for their against-the-grain styling; wealth of features and frist and second row seating comfort.

Overall, based on such appealing reviews, I don't see why any person who would like to buy new cars would still have a hard time making a decision.

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