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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Force of Habit

When my hb contacted amoebiasis in one of our visits in my homeland, he got very careful the next time around. No kidding, I had to rush him to ER due to dehydration. Actually he didn't get it from drinking water in my house as we always have supply of purified drinking water. He must have caught it in one of our out-of-town escapades in the north. I'm not sure if they have water filters installed in the inns where we stayed, though I was sure we only drank bottled water because I didn't have any stomach problem at all. Hb by force of habit probably drank water from the tap since it's perfectly ok to drink it here in US. Well that was a hard lesson learned for hb. It's not fun to take a trip to ER and missed the flight back home ;-).

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