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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horrible Experience at ER

One of the things that we do when we visit the Philippines is to have executive check-ups. A thorough check-up in the Philippines is nothing compared to how much one major procedure might cost in US so it's obviously a worthwhile part of the itinerary. It's also not a problem walking-in a doctor's clinic or emergency room when you don't feel good. I remember in one of our visits to the Philippines, I had to rush my hb to the ER due to dehydration from diarrhea. He was reluctant to go to a hospital but was too weak to complain and it turned out he had amoebiasis. He was amazed at how a pathologist was available at midnight and his condition was diagnosed in few minutes. When he was discharged he felt like new again. We only paid a little over $10 back then.

Unlike here in US, in 2003 I had to be rushed to ER due to profuse bleeding through my menses. I was very pail and weak and I must have lost a lot of blood already. But when we got in, the staff was more interested in getting my insurance information than checking my vitals. I waited and waited for hours in the waiting area while my hb kept checking at the counter to see if they were ready for me yet. Six hours later a doctor was finally available to see me, and right there and then she said I needed blood transfusion. I was kept for the night in the hospital. I wonder what would have happened if we didn't have insurance or
health savings account? After that horrible experience I would never go back to ER ever.

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  1. Bless your heart. I had to get a transfusion a few years ago, they never did figure out why. As one who has no insurance, I agree that the ER is a total nightmare. HUGS