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Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Trip to UK

I'm sure as early as now a lot of you have been planning for trips in and out of the country this summer. Since my FIL has already hinted that his recent visit will be his last already, another trip to UK might be in our plans this summer. I don't blame him because it is becoming very inconvenient for FIL to sit on the plane for long hours with a bad back, afterall he's turning 85 this year! While my SIL was visiting here too, we talked about travelling to UK together so I'm sure it will be doubly fun for everybody. I'm also looking forward to eating authentic Fish and Chips and Pasty again. If things push through, I shall be looking for great deals on international travel insurance again.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you have an enjoyable summer vacation. UK isn't bad. Lots to see and explore.

    Yes, right! old people can't sit all the way to PI or to the Australia. Nearby countries,are good enough.

    I just been to Malta for a week and this was one of the wonderful trip we had ever. My fam & I are much travel interested, so now, we been planning to fly wherever after my rehab at home after my surgery.

    Anyways, hoping you have a nice vacation & of course now, we have a nice weather so, enjoy the best of it.

    Happy W/end!