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Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Eggs Filled with Jelly Beans

Aside from Christmas, another celebration that really gets my little tot very excited is Easter Sunday. Not only because he gets different goodies like egg-shaped chocolates and marshmallow bunnies and chicks, he also gets to experience Easter egg hunting with his little friends. Last year before Easter, I scattered different colorful Easter eggs filled with jelly beans at different spots inside the house and little tot very eagerly and excitedly hunted for them. It was such a delight to see the excitement and anticipation from my little tot's eyes as he moved from room to room while his basket filled up. He just loved the jelly beans and couldn't get over them.


This year I am planning to do the same thing again, except that I'm ordering my Jelly beans at I found that has got wide array of assorted colors and flavor jelly beans collection, with countless taste sensations at the most reasonable price. Jelly beans have certainly come a long way. There are just too many yummy flavors in exciting colors now as compared to when I was a kid, which was not too long ago, LOL. Jelly beans at Oh! Nuts are also available in separate colors and flavors like white or electric blue coconut; tangerine; blueberry; wild cherry; light pink bubble gum; pale pink strawberry cheesecake; pink speckled tutti fruiti; red fruit punch; orange n' cream; purple grape; brown root beer; and so much more. I am buying in bulk because I can save more as they are priced at a discount. I will also fix some gift baskets for my little tot's friends to enjoy. This will be another fun Easter egg hunting time.

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