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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Innovative Cake Mold

I love to entertain at home and I usually prepare some baked goodies like cookies, muffins, bread or cake to pair with cup of tea or coffee to cap the event. Some of my girlfriends are usually on a weight watch so not everybody wants to indulge on sweets. On the other hand, the kids really love to always get a second or third servings of a cake. So to address the issue of who wants to get the bigger or smaller piece, I found just the perfect kitchen gadget that provides the solution, it is the Charles & Marie cake mold.

This Charles & Marie cake mold is made of silicon that measures 11.8" or 30 cm in diameter. When I normally slice a cake into 8 equal pieces, this cake mold pre-shapes any cake into 15 separate pieces. The sizes of the cake vary from small to extra large. So anybody who has got the biggest appetite may choose to eat the extra large piece; the ones on a diet may get the smallest ones; and the rest may get the ones in between. This innovative cake mold is also a great tool to avoid food wastage as guests will only get the piece that they can really consume. So problem solved.

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