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Monday, January 18, 2010

Building Stamina Together

I talked my hb into enrolling in the gym too but he hasn't found the time to join me in my workout yet. It would have been a great set up to work out together while our son is watched for by a sitter in the baby siting area of the gym. We used to work out together and biked together but a lot of factors contributed to losing the time for fitness and exercise, one of which is his need to travel often on business trips. Hb needs to lose weight too and also build some muscles in the right places, lol just like those guys in the gym who look like fitness trainers. I wonder if they got their huge muscles just by working out, probably testosterone booster has a lot to do with them too. Anyway, hb is not going for huge muscle build up, but just getting light and fit with lots of stamina for the demand of his work, the way that I'm also working for stamina to keep up with my active son.

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