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Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Gift Shopping

Every year no matter how I plan to do an early holiday shopping to avoid the crowd I still end up cramming anyway. Kids get harder to buy gifts for each year, they are into expensive computer games and latest gadgets that oftentimes they already own. I find it easier to buy gifts for younger kids and older people, they are easier to please. Like my son loves anything Thomas and Friends. He gets excited at just anything he sees the logos and pictures of the trains on like in books, stickers, underpants, backpacks, blanket, etc so he's got them all. My uncle who loves to smoke hinted that he'd like to receive cigars or his fave unfiltered cigarettes for Christmas, so it was also easy. Though I didn't feel like giving in to his request because it's bad for his health, I just had to give what he likes. Anyway, I'm glad that holiday gift shopping was all over, hopefully it would still be easy for my son and relatives again next time.

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