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Monday, January 11, 2010

I Need Portion Control Scale

It has been a struggle for me to control my craving for sweets. Once I started eating chocolates I just couldn't get my mind off them. It's good enough that I started going to the gym already, at least I could burn some calories off. But I still feel the need to get really serious about controlling my appetite for sweets and fatty food. I eat a lot of junk when I'm stressed and I'm working online. Munching something sweet while doing my online work seems to get my brain working, so it became a habit for me to have sweets within my reach, like I'm munching on M&M's right now, yikes.

Anyway, I am thinking of getting myself one of those food scales so I can control the portion of my food intake. I need portion control scale so I can monitor my 1,200 calorie per day goal and it would be best to get those digital scales so measuring is quicker and easier. I could easily get to the weight I'm working for if I can strictly control my food intake coupled with three-times a week work-out. But hopefully I won't backslide in my work-out routine this time. Well of course I can't totally give up baking cookies for my 'boys' even if I'm trying to control my sweet tooth. I bake cookies a lot and I usually bake in bulk so I can freeze away for later. I found stainless steel scales that bakers use which I'm interested to buy. It's 16 lb capacity and two platforms sound perfect for baking in bulk.

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