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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lotion in My Kitchen Counter

I may say that I don't worry about acne anymore, or so gone are the days of my concern about acne when I moved to US. But now I have a totally different worry, the wrinkles. The very cold weather here zaps the moisture out of my skin so it becomes, very dry, itchy and sometimes flaky. Reading through iQ derma review, I saw different products with wrinkle fighting ingredients that I'm interested to try. But I have very sensitive skin too so I will really have to read through the review and see their benefits. Anyway, I regularly use over the counter hypoallergenic moisturizer for my face and also moisturizing lotion for my body. My hands are particularly dry because of too much washing in the kitchen, that's why I keep a bottle of lotion in my kitchen counter that I use after every wash.

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